Free online courses in Ghana

Free online courses in Ghana

The economic and geographic restraints prevent many Ghanaians from accessing basic education courses that plays a vital role in empowering their life to get even an entry job. Particularly, those individual from underserved communities are victims of such situations. Additionally, it is quite unfortunate that the majority of disadvantaged rural high school graduates have no opportunity of enjoying higher education. This is due to high level of poverty since the cost of enrolling in an online university in Ghana is higher as many parents cannot afford. The introduction of the internet has made it possible for anyone to enroll for free online courses with printable certificates in Ghana.Read on.

Free online courses in Ghana

What you need to know about free online courses in Ghana

With the help of technological advancements and the aid of world-class universities, access to free online diploma courses in Ghana is made possible for many people. For instance, some to US-accredited learning institutions such as John Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford and many others are offering universal free online courses with certificates that can help you enhance your life. For this reason, free online courses by universities are currently trending as they have helped many Ghanaians from low income earning households to expand their knowledge by enrolling in online courses in Ghana universities.

Free online courses

Here are some of the best courses that are offered free online

1.MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare provides free learning materials such as examinations, learning notes, videos from classes at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since this platform was proposed by MIT faculty in 2000, it has strived to publish various educational materials from their courses freely and openly on the internet. By the end of 2007, MIT had managed to publish almost the whole curriculum that contains more than 1800 courses in 33 academic disciplines. Note that there is no registration required to benefit from these learning resources.

2. OpenCourseWare (OCW) Consortium

The OpenCourseWare Consortium is one of the best online platforms that are licensed to provide free digital publication of high-quality College and university level educational materials organized as courses. Most of the courses offered include course planning materials and evaluation equipment and are easily accessible to every Ghanaian.

Free online courses in Ghana


3. edX

This is a dual and non-profit making partnership between The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to provide both MIT and Harvard classes for free to millions of Ghanaians who cannot access university education. edX is based on a hi-tech platform from MIT tailored to provide online professional courses in Ghana in form of video lessons, embedded testing, real-time feedback, collaborative web-based laboratories and student-paced learning.

4. Open Yale courses

The open Yale courses is a website that is designed to offer free and open access to a wide variety of introductory courses taught by renowned teachers and scholars at Yale University. The lectures are prepared and chronicled in the Yale college classrooms and are accessible in a video, audio and text transcript formats. While you are not asked for any requirement qualification to register, you will not get a course credit, a degree or a certificate.

5. The Open University (OU)

The OU is designed to offer high-quality university education in form of online free courses in Ghana to anyone. Almost all the undergraduate courses offered by the university does not require prior qualifications or experience.

Free online courses in Ghana


The Open University (OU) has established an effective style if distance learning known as supported open learning. This implies that a student will have a chance to work whenever they choose and plan a learning module. A student will get tremendous support from experienced tutors or online forum and have contact with other students online.

6. FreeEdNet

FreeEdNet comprises a collection of different online courses, tutorials and learning materials accessible on the internet. The courses are offered at no charge and there is no qualification required as you can find a course and start learning. Note that FreeEdNet is not meant to replace your formal education at decent degree offering school. You can use their services to review materials you learned in school, preparing for a new job or school placement exams. This can as well help you to extend your vocational skills or even learn more theoretic info concerning your work, leisure pursuit or special interest.

7.Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online (ALISON)

ALISON is designed to offer high quality and engaging online it courses in Ghana. With ALISON, you can learn anywhere using their collaborative and self-paced multimedia.

8. Online education database

The online education database platform compiles 200 online courses from leading universities such as MIT, Yale, and Tufts. With the help of online education database, you have a chance to enroll in these classes from these universities without being asked to submit an application or pay any tuition.

9. Annenberg Learner

Annenberg learner is designed to offer free multimedia resources to assist tutors to advance their skills in various fields to help them in enhancing their teaching techniques, thereby improving their excellent teaching in Ghanaian schools.

Free online courses at Harvard

Free online courses in Ghana


1. Introduction to Computer Science (CS50x)

CS50x is one of the best free online courses at Harvard that strives at educating on university's introduction to the intellectual initiatives of computer science and the skill of software design for majors and non-majors as well. It does not matter if you have a prior programming experience or not. At the entry-level, the course will teach you how to think algorithmically and solve problems professionally. Topics taught comprise intellection, algorithms, and data structures, management of resources, security, software programming, and web development. You will also learn different Languages include that can help you in your free online courses graphic design such as Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML.

2. Statistics and R

Once you enroll in this online course, you will learn the basics of statistical inference to be able to know work out p-values and self-assurance intermissions; all while evaluating data with R. the tutors will offer R programming examples in a unique way to create a connection between ideas and application.

You will be required to solve problems that entail R programming to gauge your knowledge and capability to apply the basic data analyses. Additionally, the teachers will use visualization methods to reconnoiter innovative datasets and define the most suitable methodology. You will have a chance to learn strong statistical methods as substitutes when data fails apt expectations needed by the standard methodologies. By utilizing the R scripts to scrutinize data, you will get to know the basics of doing a reproducible research.

The quality of education you can access online is improving steadily as the worlds-leading learning institutions have decided to invest in their distance learning platforms. Several online universities in Ghana and from all over the world are opening their free online short courses in Ghana to any individual with the intent to enroll in a class for free.

This is encouraging news for any person intending to enroll in a business, or entrepreneur class in 2018. Here are some of the best free online business courses you can find on the net.

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Online courses offered by Coursera

Online courses in Ghana universities


Startup engineering - this is an online course that is offered by Coursera. It is a 10-week course, taught by Balaji Srinivasan and Vijay Pande from the Stanford University. The course gives entrepreneurs the skills they require to establish a high-tech start-up from the scratch. Some of the fundamental tools and techniques explored comprise command line, dotfiles, text editor, distributed version controller, servicing, analysis, certification, reading code, and deployment. Additionally, the course features guest appearances by senior engineers at prosperous startups.

Competitive Strategy – This six-week course offered by the Coursera to help you explores how different companies work in circumstances where its activities affect the profits of a competitor or vice versa. By scrutinizing how companies use their strategies to get a competitive advantage, the objective is to help learners to ruminate about business strategy in a more logical and advanced way.

Law and the Entrepreneur – this is an online course offered by Coursera, and it is taught by one of the experienced tutors from Northwestern University. The key objective of the class is preparing students to realize potential problems in their start-up strategies from a business and legal perception. The objective of the course is to apprehend selections like the kind of entity, choosing a name and trademark, guarding intellectual property, arranging contracts, funding, and the correlation between lawyers and businesspersons.

Online courses offered by Udacity

Free online courses graphic design


How to Build a Startup – the online course offered by Udacity will help you learn the crucial steps and tools that are important in building a robust startup business. Additionally, you will have a chance to learn the fundamental stages of the client base expansion process, how to get the first clients for your goods and services, and how to collect client response.

Web Development – this is another free online course provided by Udacity that can help many students advance their skills. This class begins from the nitty-gritty of how the Internet works, to how to establish your own blog app. You will as well learn how to scale the blog app to have a large number of users. You will study all the things that Steve Huffman desired he knew when he entered into the world of startup companies.

Statistics – The Science of Decisions –In this online class offered by Udacity, you will have a chance to study how statistics can be applied in daily life experiences. Note that there are numerous approaches to obtain data through observation and experimentation. Therefore, this course will help you know how to unify and define quantifiable and resounding kinds of information, and how to antedate designs that utilize basic prospect and sampling.

Software Testing – Udacity – While writing software for your business, you might encounter destruction at every bit of creation. Therefore, the software testing course offered by the Udacity will help you learn how to catch bugs and to break software, and you will also know how to use various techniques of testing that can assist help you to establish robust software.

Software Debugging –– once you enroll in this course by Udacity, you will get a strong concept of how to carry out systematic debugging, and you will also learn how to program debugging. You will have a chance to create multiple debugging tools in Python.

Online courses offered by MIT OpenCourseware

Free online courses in Ghana


The Art and Science of Negotiation – MIT OpenCourse – This class will guide you on how to bargain and negotiate in various settings such as in public, business and legal. The course will instill some knowledge on different evaluation strategies, communications skills, ethics, and institutional influences. Additionally, you will know how they change y the person’s capability to scrutinize problems, negotiate arrangements and resolving disagreements.

Design and Manufacturing – With this course, you will be able to get more information about contemporary manufacturing with an accent on manufacturing procedures, equipment/control, systems and engineering design. You will learn about different engineering and organization disciplines to define the rate, quality and the rate of manufacturing.

Information Technology and the Labor Market – MIT OpenCourse – with the help of this course, you will study how information technology is transforming business and labor in Ghana and other parts of the world. Additionally, you will have a chance to learn the skills of how work is organized, different professions and the expertise that are required in a certain profession.

International Trade –This class that is offered by MIT OpenCourse is meant to offer you with a robust introduction to concepts of global trade and finance, with numerous applications to contemporary policy problems. You will discover what defines how goods flow across various states and what defines the flow of savings and profits.

Managerial Psychology -This online class will teach you the basic interactive science theory, equipment, and approaches. The course will make you discover the most lucrative opportunities to both use and apply them to be able to solve problems that you will encounter your work and career.

Free online courses in Ghana


Working in a Global Economy: This course is one of the best online short courses in Ghana that strives to introduce the fundamental debates about the current international economic and the insinuations for business practice and policy. The course comprises sections where professionals from academia and business discuss their understandings with various parts of globalization.

New Global Agenda: Exploring various problems Through Innovations in IT – the course offered by MITOpenCourse is an unusual workshop that is designed to introduce the learner to various aspects of global business and politics.

E-Commerce and the Internet in Real Estate and Construction. This is one of the best free online courses on project management offered by the MITOpenCourse. The aim of this class is to help you scrutinizes the long-term impacts of IT on the approach of business in both real estate and construction sectors. Some of the things to learn comprise supply chain management, risk allocation and the effect on contract obligations.

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