How to beat Alatreon in Monster Hunter World: weakness and ailment guide

How to beat Alatreon in Monster Hunter World: weakness and ailment guide

Alatreon is one of the fearsome monsters in Monster Hunter: World. It is elementally unstable and has power over the dragon, fire, ice, thunder and water elements. Nevertheless, with an understanding of its weakness and ailment guide, beating this monster becomes a lot easier.

Monster Hunter World's Alatreon: Photo: @Marcus Rozza
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The Monster Hunter: World, or simply MHW, is the 5th sequel in the Monster Hunter series. With several monsters in the game, Alatreon seems powerful. It can fly high into the air and rain down ice crystals when it transitions into flight mode. Interestingly, while some ice crystals fall on random spots, others intentionally fall on certain players.

The Monster Hunter Alatreon

Contrary to popular belief, although it has intense power levels, Alatreon MHW is not the fiercest mythical creature in MHW. Instead, you would encounter the character in the secluded valley, and like Lavasioth, the magma fish does not have a weakness; its weaknesses change with the battle. However, unlike Lavasioth, it can target your weakness and hit you concurrently.

This mythical creature has the advantage of control over the fire, dragon, and ice elements. If you can defeat the Alatreon, you would get the material required to create a dragon elemental weapon that would be relevant against Fatalis.

However, note that the "impressive" Alatreon's armour has less defence than Kulve and raging Brachy. So, in your quest to overpower the character, here is an MHW Alatreon guide that would aid you in an effective hunt.

How to beat Alatreon

Besides water damage, this mythical creature uses all its elements at the same time. It can switch between fire, dragon, and ice elements, and if you break its horns, you can prevent it from shifting to a third mode for some time. As great as this sounds, the drawback here is that you can only break its horn in dragon mode.

While it may be a great idea to break the monster's horns and front claws, among others, only elemental damage can delay the blazing black dragon from dealing with a power move called Escaton Judgment. This wave is very lethal; it can kill a hunter instantly or give some time to heal. Hence, do the necessary to prevent its "judgment."

1. Temporal mantle gear

You could use temporal mantle gear to automatically dodge attacks while using the Health Booster to increase your survivability drastically. You would also need to have an Astera Jerky to thoroughly restore your health and remove the bleeding status effect.

If you have the Dust of Life, then you can restore your health and nearby allies too. Ancient Potion also fully restores and maximises the size of your stamina and health bar.

An ongoing battle in Monster Hunter World with Alatreon. Photo: @Jaime Flores
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2. Three levels of blight resistance

If you only wish to survive a fight with this mythical creature, ensure you have three levels of Blight Resistance to nullify elemental blights, Health Boost to increase your maximum health, and Dragonvein Awakenin to provide strength for your affinity damage.

Watch out for your levels of health boost; it's very crucial to your success in the battle. Also, use crystal blast to stagger Alatreon if it is getting too dangerous. At this stage, you can use your Clutch Claw to mount the mythical creature.

3. Clutch claws and melee weapons

Alatreon is very susceptible to Wall Bangs, so do not miss out on this strategy. Fatcaster would also not be available in this battle; hence, utilise your clutch claws and melee weapons to deal with the monster with some fatal blows.

Although the breath attack of the monster is not as damaging as its Escaton Judgement, still avoid the fire or ice breath attack by staying under its body. While you are there, you can attack Alatreon because it will be fixated during this time.

Be sure to dodge its attacks, including its lightning, explosion, and ice shard. If your battle skills are gaining on the mythical creature, you would know this when it topples and when the Handler chimes.

What is Alatreon weak to?

Just as the powerful monster has a very strong supernova attack, Alatreon's weakness also resides close to its strength. Its forelegs, horn, and tail are the weakest links in the Alatreon chain.

If you would make any success in your battle against the monster, explore its fighting weakness. Break its horns, cut its wings and tail, and you will have forestalled its Escaton Judgment.

Moreover, its Fire Mode is weak to ice damage, Ice Mode is weak to fire damage, and Dragon mode is weak to dragon damage (and recall that the dragon mode is the only phase of the fight that lets you break horns).

How to survive Alatreon's supernova

Indeed Alatreon is one of the most powerful monsters in MHW. It can be tricky to defeat it with the first trials but ultimately, killing it and escaping its supernova is not impossible. Understand that the monster can change from ice to dragon to fire forms as it attacks, so you also need to be ready to counter each of these forms.

The great monster Alatreon. Photo: @MOJO - Die "MHW"-Jagdgruppe
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The key in defeating this monster is employing elemental damage and ensure the monster is weak, after which it would fall defeated.

When going against Alatreon, it is better to use a team, but many players have defeated him alone. Keep a good strategy, exploit its weaknesses and employ the right weapons. With these, you can well survive the most dangerous attack of the monster; its supernova.

Alatreon's ailment guide

Ailments don't deal damage directly to the monster; they harm the monster indirectly or restrict them for some time. The ailments of the mythical creature include Dragonblight, Snowblight, Iceblight, and Thunderblight.

Is Fatalis harder than Alatreon?

Most MHW Alatreon fans ask whether Fatalis is the more ferocious of the two and the most lethal monsters. Fatalis is not only a mysterious legendary dragon; he is also ruthless on every level. It shoots as every class of hunter regardless of their armour.

More so, its attacks are persistent and swift, leaving hunters with little possibility of attacking back. Fatalis' base-HP is the highest, and each hunter only gets 30 minutes for the encounter. All these places Fatalis in the first place as the most dreaded monster in MHW.

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