Asintado cast and characters: Full names and photos

Asintado cast and characters: Full names and photos

Asintado is a popular and exciting Telenovela series that has an interesting storyline. The Asintado cast will leave you filled with various types of emotions. With some of the most talented actors on board, you cannot afford to miss any of the episodes.

Asintado cast
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Worth noting is that the script is exceptional and brings in many twists as the story unfolds. The 2018 series is categorized as an action-drama series, and Rondel P. Lindayag is the man behind its creation. Here is what you should know about Asintado.

Asintado full story

The story was not initially done in English; however, a few TV networks have the series in English. The storyline is anchored on two Ramirez siblings who are separated at a tender age. The siblings find themselves entangled in politics, power, and corruption, which shakes up their lives as well as their core values. As a result, they commit murder, which potentially destroys their lives.

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How the story unfolds

The series commences in 1999 when two siblings, Juliana and Katrina, are separated after a tragic fire accident that kills their loving parents. However, before their father dies, he gives Katrina a book but fails to inform her what it contains; vital information that explains his death. After the sad ordeal, Juliana is adopted by the Dimasalang family, who are caring and hardworking and changes her name to Ana Dimasalang. On the other hand, Katrina is adopted by the powerful and wealthy Del Mundo family.

After several years, Ana becomes a paramedic, while Samantha becomes a renowned jeweler. Gael, Samantha's childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend, is rescued by Ana during an accident, and the two start developing feelings for each other. However, Gael's parents do not support their relationship since they have plans for Gael and Samatha to reunite and start a political dynasty.

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On one day, when the Senator and Miranda are having discussions on the need to silence Senator Reinoso, Ana accidentally hears the conversation. She confronts Gael and reports to the authorities as well. The whole ordeal brings about Miranda's humiliation, and in a bid to safeguard her reputation, she gives orders for Ana's assassination. Luckily, she survives the ordeal and vows to take revenge on everyone that destroyed her life.

What happens at the end?

During the last episode, Ana, Samantha, Yvonne, and Xander find themselves at a warehouse. Ana has her son saved by Samantha, who manages to shoot one of Salvador's men. However, when all seems perfect, Salvador makes an appearance, and Samantha takes the bucket. Ana is shattered to see her sister fighting for her life and goes after Salvador to end it all. However, the two fight, and when Ana is about to kill Salvador, Xander stops her.

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In the spur of the moment, Salvador grabs a gun, and when he is about to shoot her, Ana grabs Xander's gun and shoots Salvador several times, and he falls on a protruding sharp steel bar and dies. Later, Ana and Samantha recover from the gun shoot and ordeal. Samantha and Xander wedding takes place, and they all live a happy life thereafter.

Asintado cast

Here is a detailed list of the main Asintado cast and their names:

Julia Montes

Asintado cast
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She plays Juliana "Ana" Gonzales-Del Mundo / Juliana Ramirez

Shaina Magdayao

Asintado cast
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She plays Samantha "Sam" Gonzalez-Del Mundo-Guerrero / Katrina Ramirez

Paulo Avelino

Asintado cast
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Source: UGC

He plays Gael Del Mundo

Aljur Abrenica

Asintado cast
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Source: UGC

He plays Alexander "Xander" Guerrero

Supporting cast

  • Lorna Tolentino plays Miranda Ojeda
  • Cherry Pie Picache plays Celeste "Ms. C." Ramos
  • Agot Isidro plays Hillary Gonzales-Del Mundo
  • Nonie Buencamino plays Salvador del Mundo
  • Empress Schuck plays Monalisa "Mona" Calata
  • Arron Villaflor plays Ramoncito "Chito" Salazar
  • Louise Delos Reyes plays Yvonne Calata
  • Gloria Sevilla plays Purisima "Puring" Dimasalang
  • Julio Diaz plays Melchor Gonzales / Manuel De Dios
  • Ronnie Quizon plays Jorge Gesmundo
  • Chokoleit plays Gaspar "Gracia" Nuevadez
  • Karen Reyes plays Emilita "Emmy" Gomez
  • Ryle Paolo Tan plays Jonathan "Tantan" Dimasalang

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Asintado.

Who is President Noble in Asintado?

President Noble was killed by Miranda and Salvador, and they both tried to put the blame on Montemayor.

What is the real name of Gracia in Asintado?

Her real name is Chokoleit.

Did Gael really die in Asintado?

Yes, he died as a result of trying to protect Ana. Miranda and Salvador gave orders for Ana and Samantha's assassination, but instead, Gael was murdered.

Who did Ana end up with in Asintado?

Ana ended up alone as Gael was murdered.

What is the meaning of the word Asintado?

The term Asintado means a person able to aim accurately.

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Even with so many series around, you cannot afford to miss watching Asintaso. The Asintado cast will leave you mesmerized and yearning to watch more from them. Purpose to get a glimpse of the series, and you will not regret it!

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