Effua Nkoso: Ghanaian Lady Causes Massive stir Online as she Chooses Husband Over her son and Parents

Effua Nkoso: Ghanaian Lady Causes Massive stir Online as she Chooses Husband Over her son and Parents

  • A Ghanaian young lady has stirred up many emotions as story about how she made a decision to choose her husband over her son and parents surfaces online
  • Effua volunteered to partake in a Game her teacher proposed to the class which required her to write the names of 30 important people in her life
  • What the young woman didn't know is that she would be forced to choose the most important person to her out of her son, husband, mother and father

An emotional story of a Ghanaian woman identified as Effua Nkoso who chose her husband over the only son and her parents is making waves online.

YEN.com.gh sighted the post on Facebook shared by Cape Coast Ogua, which narrated the interesting reason behind the lady's choice.

According to the post, Effua, during an evening class for adults, decided to volunteer when her teacher requested someone to participate in a game.

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The teacher asked her to write the names of 30 people she deemed important on the board before the entire class.

Ghanaian Lady Causes Massive stir Online as she Chooses Husband Over her son and Parents
Ghanaian Lady Causes Massive stir Online as she Chooses Husband Over her son and Parents Source: Effua Nkoso
Source: Facebook

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Effua did, and just after that, the teacher whose name was not disclose asked her to erase the names of three people who are not crucial.

The then mother of one chose to erase the names of her colleagues.

Again, the teacher asked her to erase five more and she ended up erasing neighbours.

The game continued until four names were left, her mother and father, husband and son.

There was more to the game

According to the post, the entire class became silent as they realized what was ongoing was more than a game.

The teacher proceeded to ask Effua to erase two more, and with tears in her eyes, she took out her parents'.

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Finally, she had to delete one more name, and to the surprise of many, she erased her son's name.

Effua, upon being asked why said;

“One day my parents will pass away before me. My son may also leave me when he grows old, for his studies or business or whatever reason. The only one who will truly share his entire life with me, is my Husband”.

The post, after being shared, has received many reactions from netizens.

It currently has over 2,6000 reactions with close to 100 shares and over 80 comments.

Effua Nkoso in a conversation with YEN.com.gh said;

"My husband was very happy and never expected that from me because any woman will choose her child no matter what but for me I chose my husband because he is the best eiii.
As for my parents they understood me very well because it was a fact.They always advise me to make my husband my number one priority".

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The devoted young wife also had a word of advice for single ladies.

She said; "To all ladies out there who are yet to marry, always choose a partner who will respect you over money".

YEN.com.gh earlier reported that, a couple has been granted divorce after the husband picked his mother over his wife, following irredeemable wrangling over the role of the man’s mother in their matrimonial home.

A woman, who filed for a divorce over complicated conflict about the husband's mother in their home, has been granted a divorce.

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Source: YEN.com.gh

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