Sign language, tattooing, 4 other tricks students employ during examinations

Sign language, tattooing, 4 other tricks students employ during examinations

The West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination(WASSCE) started a few weeks ago, with some papers already written.

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Prior to these examinations, students are cautioned to avoid all sorts of examinations malpractices that could put them at risk of any examination-related crime.

Aside from all these warnings, students always have some sort of tricks up their sleeves they pull out during examinations.

Sign language, tattooing, 4 other tricks students employ during examinations
Sign language, tattooing, 4 other tricks students employ during examinations has compiled some 5 tricks including sign language and tattooing most students employ during examinations.

1. Sign language

This is an age-old trick most students sitting for examinations use to seek help from their other colleagues in the examination hall.

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Oftentimes, this trick really works since it is devoid of any form of verbal communication which might draw the attention of the invigilator.

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As cunning as students can be, they add eyes gestures if the other person catches the drift.

2. Body Inking or Tattooing

Body Inking or tatooing is another trick some students employ during examinations, to sneak in possible answers to questions.

This takes a lot of time and patience and tact as well.

Having the time and patience to script or ink answers unto bodies is something that is easily done.

3. Formation

Heard of the 4-4-2 formation in football? Well, in examinations or any kind of test, students like to have some sort of formation out in place.

They do this by sitting close to whoever they believe will help them when they face difficulty with their exams.

Unfortunately, if the invigilator or examination supervisor notices any form of formation, they 'scatter' it and the students end livid.

4. 'Giraffing'

This is the most interesting trick most students use during examinations.

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Students during exams stretch their necks long enough to be able to see from their colleagues answer sheets to 'steal' their answers.

This trick actually looks very funny when you think about it because when those giraffing are caught, they actually look very funny

5. Passports

The word is quite self-explanatory. Just that, unlike the normal meaning of the passport everyone knows, the examination kind of passport 'beats immigration'. In the sense that, students carefully hide foreign materials like pieces of paper, pages of textbooks, and other things into the examination halls on the blind side of the invigilators.

With the COVID-19 still rife, recently sighted a photo of nose masks of a student who had possible examinations answers written in them.

Students will always be students

6. Whispering

Only the boldest students can dare to verbally communicate in an examination hall under the prying eagle eyes of invigilators, supervisors, and examiners.

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Woe betide anyone who gets caught whispering to his/her colleague during an examination.


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