Stranger Clears the Bill of Young Man After Hearing Him Tell Cashier He Worked Hard to Help Mum

Stranger Clears the Bill of Young Man After Hearing Him Tell Cashier He Worked Hard to Help Mum

  • A kind man, Alan Miller, overheard a son at a supermarket's counter narrate how he had to work hard to get supplies for himself
  • The child said he invested summertime into getting money because he does not want bills to overburden his mother
  • Alan who was touched by the young man's words went to him and paid for all the things he had shopped for

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A woman, Keri Gregg Miller, in 2019, narrated how she witnessed a kind gesture from her husband to another man.

In the Facebook post, the woman said she and her husband were at Walmart when they overheard a young man’s conversation with the cashier.

The stranger rewarded the son's hardwork.
Many people praised the woman's husband for his kindness. Photo source: Keri Gregg Miller
Source: Facebook

He never wanted to bother his mother

The young man told the supermarket official while checking out:

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“I worked all summer long. So I told my mum that she didn’t have to spend a dime on my school supplies this year.”

The woman’s husband walked straight to the young man and shook his hand for a job well done as he asked him to keep up the hard work.

As a reward, he paid for all the shopping of the young man. Keri said that she did not make the post to show off her husband but to share the positive thing the young man did to help his mother.

Read the post below:

Your husband did well

At the time of writing this report, the post has gathered over 170,000 likes with thousands of comments. compiled some of the reactions below:

Cherie Britton Brown said:

"I'm so glad you bragged on him! This story has helped renew faith in our fellow man. In a climate of self-entitlement, we need more stories like this. What a GREAT EXAMPLE!"

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Chu C Kadi

"Props to your husband and that young man, now only if more kids thought this was it would be a GREAT thing forntheir parents but sadly its not. Props though to all them youngins out there that earn their own."

Mary Benavidez said:

"Yes I c a lot of young ones out helping their parents n then also alit whom just do not care how much their parents spend on them! God bless this two young ones!"

Trevette Woodard said:

"This is worth sharing over and over again!! God bless your husband/family and this young man!"

Another son came to his mother's rescue

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a 13-year-old boy, William Preston, did not like the way his mother was going through life's tough challenges as a single mother of three.

As a way to help his mother, William got a job as a land mower. This was part of a plan to get his mother a vehicle.

When the teen came home one day and told his mother that he had got her a car, the woman laughed it off and said “ya, right!”


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