Work From Home: Design Company Asks Employees to Only Report to Office 8 Times a Year

Work From Home: Design Company Asks Employees to Only Report to Office 8 Times a Year

  • Canva, a multi-billion technology company, has asked its employees to show up to the office as flexible as possible
  • The company has 2,000 workers around the world and were able to experience some flexibility during the pandemic
  • However, the company still wants its employees located in the towns they have offices and not move to other countries owing to the freedom

A company in Australia is working on ensuring its employees are fully flexible once the Coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

Canva wants to ensure their employees are very flexible.
Canva co-founders Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht and Melanie Perkins. Photo: The Sydney Morning Herald.
Source: UGC

Canva, a technology company worth $18 million, will require its workers to show up to the office eight times a year, believing that the traditional notion of working from the office is slowly coming to an end.

One of the company's co-founders, Cameron Adams, said the world was switching to more flexible working conditions and anyone who sticks to the norm is going to have a hard time in finding talent, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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The design software startup boasts about 2,000 workers worldwide, and Adams noted they were able to experience the flexibility that comes with working from home during the pandemic.

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Canva was founded by Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht and Malanie Perkins, who enjoyed the flexibility that comes with working at home and going to the office when necessary.

Employees take and cons

According to Business Insider, a survey done by the company showed that 79% of the employees felt productive while working from home, with 81% supporting the flexibility of working from both home and the office when need be.

The downside of this is that companies with recreation facilities at the office will go to waste, just like Canva, which has a rooftop bar and an in-house chef who might end up serving one employee in a day.

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However, the company still wants its employees to be located where their offices are and not in another town or country.

They also did a survey that showed employees were okay with coming into the office about two to three days a week, showing that the need for connection among workers is still valued.

Worker pens lovely message to employer

In other news, reported Jessica Wendorf, a Client Lead Recruiter at Amazon, who penned a heartwarming message to her manager and workmates who stepped up at her lowest point.

She revealed that her silence was because she was out on a leave of absence to care for her terminally ill husband and took time to grieve and manage end-of-life tasks.

In a post on Instagram, Jessica said her husband passed away on August 5 after a five-month-long battle with Glioblastoma, a rare but fatal brain cancer.

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It is at this point that she explained she was sharing the story as her show of gratitude to her team, who came in during her darkest times.

Jessica underpinned that as much as she was willing to finish the week out, her boss insisted she leaves right away.


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