Former Tesla Worker Takes Elon Musk's Company to Court Over Racial Abuse, He Wins Ghc830 Million

Former Tesla Worker Takes Elon Musk's Company to Court Over Racial Abuse, He Wins Ghc830 Million

  • A man, Owen Diaz, has been paid for the racial abuse he suffered while working for Tesla, where he witnessed the derogatory treatment of blacks
  • The court ruled in his favour, and Owen was given the sum of $137 million (Ghc830,151,157) as money for the stress he has been through and damages
  • Many people who reacted to his story jokingly said that they would not mind being treated shabbily for such a payout

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A 52-year-old man, Owen Diaz, who worked as an elevator operator in Tesla, said that he faced racial abuse in the company while he was a staff.

While working with Tesla, the man found cartoons that had a bad portrayal of black children. When he told his supervisors, they downplayed it and told him he “couldn’t take a joke.”, Labible reports.

People reacted to his story funnily.
Owen was paid for the stress he faced and punitive damages. Photo source: @ladbible
Source: Instagram

Owen won the case

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A part of the man’s lawsuit against the company said that Tesla’s progressive posturing starkly contrasts with how shabbily it treats its African-American workers.

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After a long four-hour deliberation, a jury finally ruled in his favour. Lawrence Organ, Owen’s lawyer, said that it is a great thing one of the biggest corporations in America is made to face justice for the way it treats black people.

Take millions for your stress

Awarding him $137 million (Ghc830,151,157), Owen was given $7 million (Ghc42,339,451) for the emotional stress he has suffered and $130m (Ghc786,304,090) was for punitive damages.

When the story was shared on Instagram, people had a lot to say about it. At the time of writing this report, it had gathered over 150,000 likes with several comments.

Below are some of the reactions:

johnny.v23 said:

"For 137 million you can call me whatever you like."

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calebjosephwebb joked:

"I don't work at Tesla but I think they abused me too."

youssefokab reacted funnily:

"Bro that’s 4 times more than what squid games is offering."

the_real_joshy said:

"Racism is expensive. Both literally and figuratively - if it’s not costing lives, it’s costing millions."

_idiosyncratical_ said:

"His future generations gonna be so glad bro they sorted out for life."

A man amazed by Tesla

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