Girlfriend Instructs Boyfriend to Wear a Placard with his sins in Public for Cheating

Girlfriend Instructs Boyfriend to Wear a Placard with his sins in Public for Cheating

  • A man wearing a placard with a sin he committed has got many talking online
  • The inscription on the placard revealed that he cheated on his girlfriend, and for his punishment, he was instructed to make it public
  • Some netizens who saw the video said they would rather end things with the girl than go through the humiliation

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A man in love has chosen to make it up to his girlfriend as he goes through with a set of instructions she gave him.

The video sighted by on the Twitter timeline of @str8fromzo had the unidentified man standing by the roadside with a placard.

On the placard was the inscription;

I cheated on my girlfriend on Thursday and this is my punishment
Man makes it up to his girlfriend by wearing a placard with his sins written on after cheating
Man wearing an inscribed placard by the road Photo credit: @str8fromzo/Twitter
Source: Twitter

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The video at the time of this publication has over 500 reactions with close to 400 retweets. has highlighted a few of the comments below;

@STR8FROMZO commented:

I was tempted to go up to them and tell them they can’t do this here it’s private property then I remembered I don’t know that nigga from nowhere. let him rubbish himself

From @Deetoo007:

At least we have a solution for when this happens

@LawwdZac wrote:

Must be a social experiment because this is Liverpool Street. Either that or they both getting played

@respawnedtarga1 replied:

I’d rather u leave me and block me on everything

From @masta_drizzz:

I'd rather move in with the girl I cheated with than do this tbh earlier reported that a man identified as Prince Narams has left many in shock after he revealed that he used to cheat on his wife Lucy Wanjiku daily. He said there was no day that passed without him cheating.

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Speaking in an interview, Lynn Ngugi, Narams said some days he would cheat with more than two women.

"I used to cheat on a daily basis. Every single day I would cheat with two different women for a period of like three years. I never had intercourse with a woman more than twice," Narams said.

He added:

"There is a day I slept with seven women. Approximately, I have slept with over 1,000 women."

The now born-again man said he would have intercourse with any woman he met even on the road. He would offer to give them a lift, and by the time they reach the destination, the woman would easily "fall in love" and have intercourse.

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