How to activate MTN unlimited data plan

How to activate MTN unlimited data plan

MTN unlimited data plan is one of the best solutions to fast and reliable internet connection today. With the world moving very fast towards solutions availed by the internet, it is almost a necessity to be connected to an internet provider that can sustain your need for stable internet connection. Learn how to activate MTN unlimited data plan to satisfy all your internet requirements.

does mtn have unlimited data plan
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To take advantage of the great data bundle offers. You must know how to activate your plan. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs. Check out the following details and guidelines on how to do just that.

MTN data plan activation

MTN data plans have terms and conditions which, of course, are easy to work with. Users of the bundles' plans must be aware that renewing the subscribed bundles is best when rolling over the previous data balance. When the activation of the data bundle plan is subscribed, to deactivate, text *138*1*4#, dial number 4. In line with the terms of the bundle plans, knowing the steps to activate MTN unlimited data plans is a must.

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Steps to activate your data plan

First of all, dial *138*1# to select and activate your choice of data bundle. Data bundles are categorized into:

  • Pay As You Go Internet Packages (PAYG)
  • Pay Monthly Internet Bundles
  • IDD bundles
  • SMS bundles
  • Super Saver Pack and
  • Data Vouchers.

To start with the MTN Unlimited Data plans you must ask yourself the question, does MTN have unlimited data plan? The answer to this question is found in the following offers of data bundles categorized below.

Pay as You Go Internet packages

This service pack for unlimited data bundles is found in many groups. The steps of how to get unlimited data plan on MTN are simple and easy. For example, you have to choose from these options below as they show the different categories of unlimited data bundles.

  • In the MTN 1 day unlimited data plan package, activate by dialing *138*1# to choose PAYG MTN daily unlimited data plan. Follow the prompt and opt for your choice of MTN unlimited data plan for one day which is 20 MB at 0.5 GHc, MTN daily unlimited data plan offer of 50 MB at 1 GHc and MTN daily unlimited data plan of 120 MB at 2 GHc.
  • Activating by dialing *138* then selecting 1 for Internet Plan and then selecting 4. This is the code for MTN unlimited data plan. Dial 1 for 3 GB Midnight MTN 2 hours unlimited data plan at a cost of 1 GHc being offered from 3 am to 5 am. Also, dial 2 for 5 GB MTN unlimited data plan night at 3 GHc operating from 12 am to 5 am for one night.
  • In the weekly package, how to get unlimited data plan on MTN is simple. You only need to subscribe and activate by texting *138*1# and choosing the weekly data plan of your choice. Unlimited data plan of 60 MB at a cost of 2 GHc, 180 MB at a cost of 3 GHc and unlimited data plan of 300 MB at a cost of 5 GHc.
  • Monthly package is also found in this classification. To subscribe and activate text *138*1#, and choose according to the rates offered by monthly MTN unlimited data plans. The unlimited data bundle of 400 MB for 30 days pack costs 10 GHc, 1 GB goes for a cost of 20 GHc whereas the unlimited data plan of 2.5 GB costs 40GHc. 15 GB on the other hand costs 150 GHc.

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The SMS Bundle

This bundle comes with on-net and off-net number of SMS (short messages). Specifically, there are 4 bundles to choose from by dialing *138# and then select number 2. Choose from the prompt options as follows;-

  • 20 sms at Gp 0.50 for 30 days
  • 50 sms at GHc 1 for 30 days
  • 150 sms at GHc 2 for 30 days
  • 400 sms at GHc 5 for 30 days

When you subscribe to the SMS bundle of your choice, you can send SMS to both on-net and off-net numbers. 30 days is the valid period from the day of activation of this bundle plan.

The IDD Bundle

does mtn have unlimited data plan
mtn 2 hours unlimited data plan
how to get unlimited data plan on mtn

These bundles are activated for making international calls. Activate by dialing *138#, then selecting number 3, to choose the data bundle plan, whereby, you only have to follow the prompts to choose your preferred option. The data plans grouped in 30 minutes IDD bundle cost GHc 3.00 and is valid for only 1 day. The 45 minutes IDD bundle costs GHc 5.00 and is valid for 7 days only and the 60 minutes IDD bundle costs GHc 7 which is valid for 30 days (you pay monthly). You can use these bundles to call countries such as the United States of America, India, China, United Kingdom Fixed Line and Canada.

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The MTN Super Saver Bundles

These bundles are packaged to offer sms (short messages), talk time (voice call) minutes to either MTN user and non-MTN users, and combining bundle for the internet. Activate and subscribe by dialing *138# and select number 4, then chose from the prompts which data bundle plan to subscribe. All of the categories are offered for 30 days validity duration. The details of the bundles include:

  • At 5 GHc, you get to subscribe to 50 voice call minutes to MTN users, 10 call minutes to non-MTN users, 15 SMS to MTN and 5 SMS to non-MTN.
  • At 10 GHc, you get to subscribe to 100 voice call minutes to MTN users, 20 minutes to non-MTN users, 40 SMS to MTN users and 10 SMs to non-MTN users. In addition, it has 200 MB data bundle offer.
  • At 50 GHc, you get to subscribe to 400 voice call minutes to MTN users, 100 minutes to non-MTN users, 60 SMS to MTN users and 40 SMs to non-MTN users. Moreover, it offers 2 GB data bundle.
  • At 150 GHc you get to subscribe to 1000 voice call minutes to MTN users, 500 minutes to non-MTN users, 40 SMS to MTN users and 150 SMs to non-MTN users. In addition, it has 6 GB data bundle offer.

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Pay Monthly Internet Bundles

To activate and subscribe to this data bundle, dial *138# then select 1 and choose the option Pay Monthly Internet Bundles. After that, follow the prompt to choose from the options, your MTN data bundle plan. The validity of the monthly unlimited internet data is usually 30 days for all subscription offers. The data bundle is offered in categories as listed below;-

  1. 300 MB at 10 GHc, 1 GB at 20 GHc, 2.5 GB at 40 GHc, 4 GB at 60 GHc,
  2. 6 GB at 80 GHc, 10 GB at 120 GHc, 18 GB at 200 GHc, 20 GB at 240 GHc,
  3. 25 GB at 300 GHc, 30 GB at 360 GHc, 32 GB at 400 GHc, 35 GB at 420 GHc,
  4. 40 GB at 480 GHc, 50 GB at 600 GHc, 100 GB at 800 GHc.

Data Vouchers

This is the new MTN unlimited data plan. The data bundle comes with a free voucher with 10% bonus of 150 MB per month at only GHc 5. The data vouchers are also offered at various MTN branches such as Osu, Circle, Accra Mall and Tema Comm 6 among other branches. To subscribe and activate, you have to dial *125<mobile number># or simply dial 125 to recharge the data bundle.

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Knowing how much you need to spend on purchasing data is important. This gives you the chance to save and enjoy the offers of MTN unlimited data plans. You are certain of accessing stable and fast internet connectivity, SMS bundles for texting both MTN and non-MTN users, and making international calls easily as well as making local voice calls altogether. These benefits with the validity duration stated above are not only affordable but also very attractive. It is almost inevitable to purchase and subscribe to one of the MTN unlimited data plans.

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