How many siblings are in the Wayans family? Ranked from youngest to oldest

How many siblings are in the Wayans family? Ranked from youngest to oldest

The Wayans family is a household name in the American entertainment industry. It is a comedy dynasty and one of the most well-known African-American families. The siblings have created a huge empire and changed the entertainment industry. Find out how many siblings are in the Wayans family, from youngest to oldest.

How many children are in the Wayans family?
Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, and Damon Wayans, winners of the BET Comedy Icon award. Photo: J.Sciulli/WireImage for BET Network (modified by author)
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The entire Wayans brothers family are well-known in the comedy and entertainment industries. The family is one of the most successful African-American entertainment dynasties, producing stars today.

How many siblings are in the Wayans family?

There are twelve family members in the Wayans family tree, including ten children consisting of five brothers and five sisters, born between 1956 and 1972.

Their parents are Howell Stouten, a supermarket manager, and Elvira Alethia, a homemaker and social worker. The couple resided in Chelsea, New York City, where they started their family.

How many children are in the Wayans family?

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Below is a list of the Wayans siblings ranked from the oldest to youngest as of 2024.

1. Dwayne Wayans - 67 years old

  • Full name: Dwayne Howell Wayans
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1956
  • Profession: Production assistant

Dwayne Howell Wayans is the oldest among the Marlon Wayans' siblings. He was born on 20 July 1956 in New York City. Dwayne Howell has worked as a production assistant.

He has performed in many of his brothers' productions as a background cast. His credits include producing soundtracks for Dance Flick and Little Man.

2. Keenen Ivory - 65 years old

wayans siblings oldest to youngest
Keenen Ivory Wayans attends the LA premiere of Netflix's Dolemite Is My Name at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California. Photo: Rachel Luna/FilmMagic
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  • Full name: Keenen Ivory Desuma Wayans
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1958
  • Profession: Actor, comedian and filmmaker

Keenen is a renowned actor, comedian and filmmaker. Keenen Ivory has been the most successful among all Wayans brothers, leading with a net worth of $65 million. He has appeared in films and TV series such as The Last O.G., In Living Color and My Wife and Kids.

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Keenen has five children with ex-wife Daphne Wayans. They are Jolie, Nala, Keenen Jr., Bella and Daphne Ivory. He is a vegan and actively advocated for this dietary choice in a 2006 public service announcement on behalf of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

3. Diedre Wayans - 64 years old

  • Full name: Diedre Wayans
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1959
  • Profession: Actor, writer and comedian

Diedre is a screenwriter and has made a reputation for writing and co-writing scripts for various projects. Diedre Wayans is known for A Polished Soul, Roxi Blews and Dr Julian Wright Show. She is the mother of Craig Wayans and Gregg Wayans.

4. Damon Wayans - 63 years old

  • Full name: Damon Kyle Wayans Sr.
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1960
  • Profession: Actor and comedian

Damon has worked as a comedian and actor throughout the 1980s, including a year on Saturday Night Live's sketch comedy series. His other credits include Cinnamon, Lethal Weapon, Happy Together and Happy Endings.

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He is a close friend of both NBA legend Michael Jordan and fellow In Living Color star Jim Carrey. Damon Wayans is a father of four: Damon Jr., Michael, Cara Mia and Kyla.

5. Kim Wayans - 62 years old

wayans family members
Actor Kim Wayans attends the Tribeca Film Festival after-party for In Living Color hosted by Bulleit at the Bulleit Lounge in New York City. Photo: Lars Niki
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  • Full name: Kimberly Nichole Wayans
  • Date of birth: 16 October 1961
  • Profession: Actor and comedian

Kimberly Nichole grew up in New York's Chelsea neighbourhood with her siblings. Kim Wayans has appeared in the shows In Living Color, In the House, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, and Don't Be a Menace. She graduated from Wesleyan University, where she studied English

6. Elvira Wayans - 59 years old

Who are all the Wayans siblings?
Elvira Wayans and Chaeunte Wayans during The Last Meal Premiering At The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival at The Arclight in Hollywood, California, United States. Photo: John Heller
Source: Getty Images
  • Full name: Elvira Wayans
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1964
  • Profession: Screenwriter

Elvira is a professional screenwriter and has worked on the sitcom My Wife and Kids, The Anniversary Present, What Do You Know, and Celibacy. Elvira Wayans has two children: Damien Dante (born 1980) and Chaunté (born 1982).

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7. Nadia Wayans - 58 years old

How many siblings does Damon Wayans have?
Nadia Wayans attends a party, celebrating the New York premiere of "Boyz N the Hood," at nightclub the Building in New York City. Photo: Eric Weiss/WWD/Penske Media
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  • Full name: Nadia Yvette Wayans
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1965
  • Profession: Actor

Nadia Yvette is the seventh child in the family. Despite her family's extensive involvement in the entertainment industry, Nadia Wayans has maintained a relatively private life and has not been as visible as her siblings. According to IMDb, Nadia has one acting credit in the 1988 film I'm Gonna Git You Sucka.

8. Devonne Wayans - 57 years old

  • Full name: Devonne Chaunté Wayans
  • Date of birth: 25 April 1966
  • Profession: Service provider in the hospitality industry

Devonne Chaunté was born on 25 April 1966 in New York City. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Unlike her siblings, Devonne Wayans has a private life and works for Continental Airlines.

9. Shawn Wayans - 52 years old

How many children are in the Wayans family?
Shawn Wayans attends Kid Capri's Birthday Party at Greenhouse in New York City. Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage
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  • Full name: Shawn Mathis Wayans
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1971
  • Profession: Actor, writer, producer, comedian

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He is the second youngest in the family. Shawn Wayans is a talented comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He has written and starred alongside his brother, Marlon, in Don't Be a Menace, Scary Movie 1&2, White Chicks, Little Man, and Dance Flick.

10. Marlon Wayans - 51 years old

How many siblings are in the Wayans family
Marlon attends the premiere of MGM's "Respect" at Regency Village Theatre on August 08, 2021, in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer
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  • Full name: Marlon Lamont Wayans
  • Date of birth: 23 July 1972
  • Profession: Actor and comedian

Marlon is the youngest of all the siblings. His career achievements include acting, comedian, writer, and producer. His filmography includes The Scary Movie series, White Chicks, and The Wayans Bros.

The actor has two children: Kai Zackery and Shawn Howell. Marlon Wayans was close friends with rapper Tupac Shakur until his death in 1996.

Who are all the Wayans siblings?

The Wayans siblings include Dwayne Howell, Keenen Ivory, Diedre, Damon Kyle, Kimberly Nichole, Elvira, Nadia Yvette, Devonne Chaunté, Shawn Mathis and Marlon Lamont. Below is a summary table of their ages.

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NameDate of birthCurrent age as of 2024
Dwayne Wayans20 July 195667 years old
Keenen Ivory8 June 195865 years old
Diedre Wayans17 August 195964 years old
Damon Wayans4 September 196063 years old
Kim Wayans16 October 196162 years old
Elvira Wayans4 January 196459 years old
Nadia Wayans20 January 196558 years old
Devonne Wayans25 April 196657 years old
Shawn Wayans19 January 197152 years old
Marlon Wayans23 July 197251 years old

How many Wayans are brothers?

The Wayans brothers are Marlon, Shawn, Damon, Keenen Ivory and Dwayne Wayans.

Do the Marlon Wayans' family have a sister?

Yes. The Wayans brothers have five sisters: Kim, Diedre, Elvira, Nadia, and Devonne.

How many siblings does Damon Wayans have?

Damon Wayans has nine siblings. He has four brothers and five sisters.

Who is the oldest Wayans?

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The most senior is Dwayne Howell. He is 67 years old in 2024, having been born on 20 July 1956.

Are the Wayans brothers actually brothers?

Yes, they are. They were born to their parents, Howell Stouten and Elvira Alethia.

Are the Wayans brothers Jehovah's Witnesses?

According to Essence, their parents raised them in the Jehovah's Witness faith.

Who is older, Marlon or Shawn?

Marlon is the youngest of all the siblings. Marlon was born on 23 July 1972, while Shawn was born on 19 January 1971.

How proud is Marlon Wayans of his family?

During a conversation on Power 106 FM, Marlon Wayans expressed his deep gratitude for the opportunity to be in the company of remarkable artists and learn from them. He shared:

Think how lucky I am to grow up in my house with my legends. I grew up in a house with legends, so I can't help but follow in their footsteps and yet blaze my own.

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He also went ahead and revealed some hilarious traits about his sibling. He stated:

Shawn used to always beat me up because he was older than me. I'm just a year and a half younger than him, but he beat me up. He's senseless. Keenen is so old that he once spanked me. And then there is Damon. He was always needy, and he still is needy.

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