5 free blessings Fufu showers your family with

5 free blessings Fufu showers your family with

Fufu (or Fufuo), which remains one of Ghana's national dishes predating colonial history, is not only a dish loved by Ghanaians but also foreigners. You will not believe that Fufu is also recorded in the dictionary. Oh yes! only if you've got the right dictionary to check it up.

In spite of the love and hype about a dish which is arguably eaten every second in Ghana, one thing remains unknown - the magic it does to a typical Ghanaian family. Thankfully, we have taken the time to bring you the five top magical benefits preparing and eating Fufuo brings to your family.

1. The force of unity 

No one can discount the fact that a meal like fufu with light soup decorated with some pounces on lean goat meat, okra and garden eggs never wins the heart of a family.

If we are to ask our grandmothers and even the elderly, they will prove that a family dinner with Fufuo being the menu is all that can pacify an angry father, a stubborn child or even a notorious dog!

Such force of unity is best achieved when the entire family enjoys the magic of the meal from a clean and wide earthenware (Asanka)

2. Fosters balanced nutritional growth for both old and young

Unlike meals like rice and tomato sauce, banku and okro stew or soup, 'Aprapransa', 3to and the likes which food nutritionists often argue are the leading causes of high cholesterol rates  in adults ( due to the dominance of red oil or vegetable oil), the record of fufuo never assures such damage to our health.

Taking the ingredients into close consideration - from the cassava, plantain, yam and coco-yam which are leading providers of iron to the tomatoes, onions, garlic, onions, dry fish, lean meat et al which are leading providers of  multivitamins; there is an unparalleled truth that the magic fufuo and sip of light soup does far outweighs the evil it can ever do no matter your age.

3. Creates lasting memories

I stand corrected but there has never been a time in our family lives when the preparation of fufu has never brought memories - both funny and fond.

You remember when mummy's hand got accidentally hit by the deep stroke of daddy's fufu pistol, or when we often drew near to our parents for a slice of the sumptuous cassava as we waited for the real meal?

What of the many stretch of memories regarding afternoon football matches given the hype they deserved because of a hot bowl of fufu on our trays or dinner tables? No matter the narrative, this magical meal takes it all when it comes to fetching beautiful memories!

4.  Manual exercise

Pounding of Fufu has been documented to be one of the leading contributors to a healthy lifestyle among men and women alike. The strains of sweat rolling down our cheeks and the pants for breath does not match up with the expensive exercises  done at gyms and on tread mills.

5.  Healthy but less costly

No matter the kind of soup or the manner of fufu a family decides to prepare, it is of a fact that the local meal is far more affordable that the exotic meals we take as families.

Being a meal for both poor and rich, ordinary and famous, Fufu naturally leads in the fight against overspending and impulse buying especially during weekends.

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