Toilet That Burns Your Droppings, Doesn't Need Water For Flushing Hits The Market For GH¢45k

Toilet That Burns Your Droppings, Doesn't Need Water For Flushing Hits The Market For GH¢45k

  • Incinolet toilet uses electricity to incinerate waste into ashes, eliminating the need for plumbing and water, making it an eco-friendly alternative
  • By burning waste instead of flushing it, the Incinolet toilet significantly reduces water usage and reduces the cost of construction by eliminating the need for septic tanks
  • Despite its advantages, the Incinolet toilet is costly, retailing between KSh 370k (GH¢40407.01) and KSh 410k (GH¢44,775.34), making it accessible primarily to the wealthy who can comfortably afford high electric bills

A trending video showing a modern toilet that doesn’t need plumbing works has been a subject of discussion on the interwebs.

Right frame shows a man cleaning a toilet. Left frame shows an Incinolet toilet. Photo: Incinolet/Getty Images
Man cleaning a toilet (r). Left frame shows an Incinolet toilet. Photos for illustration. Photo: Incinolet/Getty Images
Source: UGC

The video shows a toilet branded Incinolet that uses electricity to burn waste products deposited in the bowl every time the toilet is used.

The toilet, which has been in use for some years now, is currently retailing at between KSh 370k and KSh 410k and is being marketed as an eco-friendly option.

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Features of toilet burning waste to ashes

The toilet uses electricity, and inside the bowl, it is kitted with a metallic basin that captures the waste. Before the toilet is used, a paper lining is laid to prevent the droppings from sticking on the side of the metallic basin.

After you finish depositing your load and cleaning up, there is a foot pedal on the side of the toilet that is pressed and releases the paper lining into a compartment.

This bottom compartment has a receiving tray that accommodates the waste, and it is the point where the burn is done. Instead of the flushing button or lever common in traditional water toilets, this toilet has a special button that, after being pressed, ignites the receiving tray, and the burning starts.

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The burning takes about 90 minutes, and what will be left are ashes, small in quantity compared to the load that you dropped inside.

The ashes can be emptied once a week or on shorter intervals depending on the frequency of use. The advantage of this setup is that it does not need water.

Most water toilets flush down at least 6 liters of water whenever the flush button is pressed, and most of them are very wasteful and contrubute to increase whater bills.

This burn toilet is good for small, also mobile houses (caravans) or in vehicles. They are cheap to install and do not need any plumbing works.

Disadvantages of burn toilet

Despite not needing any plumbing works, this toilet is very expensive and thus only a preserve of the wealthy.

It is also energy-intensive; running a 90-minute burn cycle needs a lot of power, and this can’t be supported on solar or batteries. It must be the main grid or big generators.

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Apart from high electribils, the user also needs to buy paper lines and the usual tissue paper.

Here are some reactions:


"It's basically less useful."


"I can't have this in my house it will be frustrating , water system is the best."


"Perfect toilets for a campsite."


"This is one of the worst inventions that humans have ever done!"


"Will install this in my enemies home ."


"So I’ll have to use my hands to push it in? Whoever invented this was bored."


"The incinerator toilet:The amazing gift idea for the eco-friendly family that has everything and still wants to save the planet."I’m good thanks.

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