US: Triplets Graduate Together With Nursing Degrees From South University: “We Motivated Each Other”

US: Triplets Graduate Together With Nursing Degrees From South University: “We Motivated Each Other”

  • The Stephenson triplets have graduated together with nursing degrees from South University in the US
  • Jean, Jeanet and Jeanice Stephenson, born on the same day, revealed their hardworking mum inspired them
  • During an interview, Jean praised their mum as she attributed the academic milestones to her motivation

Stephenson triplets, Jean, Jeanet, and Jeanice, have achieved a remarkable feat as they earn nursing degrees from South University in Montgomery, AL, US.

Their educational journey, marked by significant milestones, was deeply influenced by their mother, a former nurse.

Black triplets graduate together from South University.
African-American triplets graduate together with nursing degrees from South University. Photo credit: South University.
Source: UGC

Triplets credit mum

Speaking about their commendable accomplishments, Jane attributed their achievements to their mum.

“My mum was a nurse; she inspired me to join nursing,” she told WSFA-12, according to Afrotech.

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In addition to their mother’s unwavering support, the Stephenson triplets shared a unique bond further strengthened by their decision to attend the same university. This choice provided them with a robust support system and a constant source of motivation and aid throughout their academic journey.

“We constantly motivated and helped each other, ensuring everyone was learning at the same pace,” Jean told WSFA.

From their childhood, the Stephenson triplets were no strangers to sharing. They shared cars, clothes, rooms, bathrooms, and experiences, creating unity and understanding.

The inspiring sisters aren’t the only family to turn a graduation ceremony into a family affair. Not long ago, fraternal twins Erica Atsufui Tsogbe and Eric Atsu Tsogbe graduated from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) on the same day with different master’s degrees.

Detroit native Shalisa Davis and her daughter also recently graduated from Hondros College of Nursing, Toledo, US.

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