Combos Man Shows His Mother His New Haircut In Video, Her Reaction Gets Many Laughing

Combos Man Shows His Mother His New Haircut In Video, Her Reaction Gets Many Laughing

  • Combos Man, in a video, visited his mother to show her his new haircut as he had transitioned from bushy hair to a bald look
  • The content creator said his mother had been disturbing him to change his hairstyle, but upon showing his new haircut to her, she was disappointed
  • The woman said she wanted her son's hair lower but not completely off; her reaction sparked funny reactions from social media users

Popular TikToker Combos Man showed off a dramatic transformation from his bushy hairstyle to a completely bald look. He showed his mother his hairstyle, and she was disappointed.

Combos Man surprises his mother with new santo haircut
Ghanaian content creator Combos Man. Photo Source: combosman
Source: TikTok

In the TikTok video, Combos Man said he had been under constant pressure from his mother to change his hairstyle. To make her happy, he decided to surprise her by shaving off his hair completely.

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In the video, the content creator, rocking a beanie, unveiled the new style to his mother, expecting her to be happy about the transformation.

However, his mother, taken aback by the sudden change, struggled to hide her disappointment. She stated that she wanted him to cut his hair, but not completely. Her reactions got Ghanaians laughing.

Combos Man and mum spark reactions gathered some reactions from social media users.

Newman99cedis said:

you can't predict them ooo... same way my mum worried me saaa, as ago commot am koli koli, she dey shout

Fleming Osei commented:

Our parents always want us to become what they want

Rahman wrote:

She brought scissors ✂️ooo in case you were lying, then she will give you a wonderful cut

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Mond0 wrote:

Who else realize he is so handsome even without the hair

Invincible king said:

Bro you look handsome ooo, bless up

HeadQuarters commented:

she said daabi, daabi, daabi! mothers and pressure herrrrrrr

Mr Drew grows his hair

In another story, Ghanaian singer Mr Drew got many people admiring his new look when he decided to drop his bald head look and finally grow his hair.

In the caption of a social media post, he noted that it is a new month and, as such, hinted that he was dropping a new song while debuting his new look.

Many people compared both looks and concluded that they loved him with hair than without it.


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