17 Tongue-Twisting Ewe Names And Their Beautiful Meanings

17 Tongue-Twisting Ewe Names And Their Beautiful Meanings

  • Ewes are among the group of people in Ghana with some of the most difficult names to pronounce and often get ridiculed for their names
  • It is no wonder gospel singer Celestine Donkor, an Ewe herself, recently got blasted for cracking a lousy joke about Ewe names on national TV
  • But for those who may not, the tongue-twisting Ewe names they laugh at have some of the most beautiful meanings they could ever think of

The Ewes are known to be one of the unique groups of people in Ghana. Talk of great cultural heritage and excellence in everything; you cannot exclude them.

But trust Ghanaians, no matter how excellent you are, we will find a way to make fun of you. One of the things the Ewes get teased with is their often heavy-on-the-tongue names.

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Ewe kids who schooled in non-Ewe speaking areas will attest to this. They often get teased for no other reason than their names being difficult to pronounce.

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One thing those who do the teasing seem to forget is the fact that the Ewe people are one of the very few tribal groupings with meaningful names.

But you cannot blame them. They just do not know what those names are about. If only they knew the sweet meanings of these tongue-twisting names, they might thought twice about laughing at the people carrying them.

Now, you are curious to know the meanings of these names. Check out YEN.com.gh's list of tongue-twisting Ewe names with exciting meanings.

Some Ewe names and their meanings

1. Agbemabiase - Life can't question destiny

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2. Agbenyaga - Life is the greatest

3 . Agbemafle - Can't buy life

4 . Butsormekpor - Think of tomorrow and see

5. Desiadenyo - All is good

6. Dziedzorm - I am happy

7. Dzorgbenyui - Good luck

8. Egavakpor - Not sure if he/she will stay (born after losing babies/children)

9 . Elikplim - He (God) is with me

10 . Exornam - He (God) has saved/rescued me

11 . Ganyebusu - Money is evil

12 . Mawuworge - God will do it

13. Morkporkpor - Hope

14 . Tsikpo - Water fountain

15 . Tsoekewo - Forgive them

16 . Xoese - Believe

17 . Yra - Bless

Some Ewe names come easy

It is worth noting that not all Ewe names are tongue-twisting; there are equally straightforward ones that are as popular as many other Ghanaian names.

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1. Agbenyo - Life is good (NDC's Fred Agbenyo comes to mind)

2 . Agbesi - In the hands of life (Alfred Agbesi Woyome comes to mind)

3 . Agbeko - If only there is life (Joseph Agbeko, the boxer, comes to mind)

4 . Amewu/Amewuga - Human is more precious than money (made famous by Railways Minister John Peter Amewu)

5. Edem - He (God) has saved/delivered me (Edem, the rapper, comes to mind)

6. Emefa - It is calm

7. Gavivina - Money is sweet (made popular by the actor Gavivina Tamakloe)

8. Kafui - Praise Him (God) ( Actress Kafui Danku comes to mind)

9. Fafa - Peace/Calmness

10 . Mawusi - In God's hands

11. Mawuli - God lives

Other variations of Ewe names

However, it must be noted that some Ewe names have meanings but cannot be translated into English. While the English language has 26 alphabets, Ewes write with 30. Some characters, therefore, have no English meanings.

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Names like Xoglimakadu, Vivormadzigbe, Sakumadranyi, Elegbadzadzi, Amedoamegbo, and Ekudeamenu, as well as common names like Banini and Tamakloe, are but a few of the not translatable Ewe names.

But for the most part, Ewe names have beautiful meanings behind them.

The trick is, if you see any name with 'Mawu' in it, remember it has something to do with Go . Names with 'Agbe' talk about 'Life'; 'Dela' talks about 'Saviour'; 'Se' talks about "Life/Fate/Destiny", and almost all the names starting with "E" refer to God in the third person pronoun form.

So there you have your guide to Ewe name . Hope you do not go about teasing people now you know the ideas behind their names.

Celestine Donkor blasted for making fun of Ewe names

Meanwhile, Celestine Donkor recently stated that she was very keen about her husband's surname because she wanted to change her heavy Ewe name for a lighter one.

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While she must said this as a joke, many Ewes took offence and blasted her for ridiculing her trib . She had to apologise for the blunder.

The apology has been well accepted by Ewes and other Ghanaians.

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