Alpha Hour Pastor Says Celebrating Birthday With Photoshoot Is For Jokers, Video Causes Uproar

Alpha Hour Pastor Says Celebrating Birthday With Photoshoot Is For Jokers, Video Causes Uproar

  • Celebrated Pastor Elvis Agygmenag has found himself in the middle of a controversy
  • The preacher spoke flamboyant birthday celebrations outside the church of God
  • Pastor Elvis called those who take memorable photos for their birthday's jokers

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Founder of Grace Mountain Ministry Pastor Elvis Agyemang has incurred Ghanaians' wrath after speaking against birthday celebrations.

According to the Alpha Hour conveyor, people would be worried about the spiritual implications of birthdays, not the superficial part.

He added that taking photos and sending them to friends to wish you a happy birthday makes you a joker.

Alpha Hour: Pastor Elvis Says Celebrating Birthday With Photos Is For Jokers, Video Causes Uproar
A photo of Pastor Elvis Agyemang on Alpha Hour Image credit: @rev_elvis_agyemang
Source: Instagram

In the video trending online, Pastor Elvis Agyemang severely condemned birthday photoshoots. Birthday photoshoot is a popular trend which has taken root in the culture of honouring oneself or another on their birthday with pictures of the celebrant.

Pastor Elvis said in the video, "You're a joker. You're following the trends of this world. If you know the spiritual impact of birthdays, you won't be taking new pictures for your birthday."

He added that satan uses photoshoots and other things to distract the children of God from the principal underlying significance of birthdays.

"All that the devil wants is for your age to increase. So all that you are doing is increasing in numbers but not the glory. It's only numbers you are adding up.
"Don't you know where we produce destinies on a birthdays? That every birthday you must consult an altar?"

Watch the video below:

Peeps react to Pastor Elvis's no-birthday rule as a glorifying Christian

The video has caused a division among Alpha Hour followers. Whilst one fraction supports their leader's views, the other part thinks his thoughts are too radical for the modern world.

mr.chairman commented:

Lol, you're using Facebook Live and YouTube. Those alone are trends. Nonfa. There’s nothing wrong with a picture on a birthday. Preach the word of God.

aa_consult21 commented:

They will stop alpha hour oh.

mrpinkgh commented:

People shouldn’t celebrate the days they were born because it’s satanic counting the numbers or what exactly? How can celebrating the day I was born into the world become satanic?

adonis_tosis commented:

This is a man of God talking from spiritual inspiration. This will sound nonsense to canal minds.

Pastor Elvis cautions side chicks against using the Alpha Hour altar to pray against people's marriages

In other news, reported how Pastor Elvis Agyemang reacted to a lady's prayer request to break her boyfriend's marriage.

According to the preacher, it was blasphemous for a woman to pray for her fellow woman's downfall.

Pastor Elvis issued a solid warning to girls who are dating married men to put a stop to it. He said that they can continue if they want the wrath of God upon their heads.

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