What is the most viewed TikTok video? A list of 25 most-watched videos in 2022 so far

What is the most viewed TikTok video? A list of 25 most-watched videos in 2022 so far

Social media sites provide education, entertainment and communication. Interacting with people across the globe has been made easy thanks to these platforms. TikTok is among the most used social media platforms, with about 100 million daily users globally. The most viewed TikTok video has billions of views and a couple of million likes.

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To succeed on TikTok, you have to be creative and consistent. Making video content is a challenge to many, which is why TikTokers are appreciated. Most Tiktok viral videos are from users that are verified.

The blue badge gives you more exposure and easily gets your content far and wide. That is, however, not to say that non-verified accounts cannot make videos that go viral. Many small TikTok accounts with unique ideas get massive views, likes, and followings.

25 most viewed TikTok video

Famous TikTokers makes several appearances on people’s favourite TikTokers for a reason. Here is the list of the top 25 most-watched videos in 2022 so far:

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1. Zach King's Harry Potter illusion - 2.1 billion views

Zach King's Harry Potter illusion is among the best on TikTok. Do you want to see the Hogwarts and wizard magic? This Zach King video is the real deal for you. The video has 18 million likes.

2. James Charles' Christmas wonderland transition -1.7 billion views

‘Hi Sisters!' James Charles is known for this line and is big on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. James Charles is the most influential in the beauty community and is known for make-up videos. His Christmas Wonderland transition video has 1.7 billion views and 9 million likes.

3. Zach King's hide and seek illusion -1.1 billion views

Zach King is most definitely the king of illusion videos. His videos gain thousands of likes just a few minutes after upload. This illusion video has 1.1 billion views and 9 million likes. Zach has 67.3 million fans and a total of 846.4 million likes on his videos.

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4. Zach King's paint loop - 660 million views

The paint loop by Zach garnered the creator 660 million views; impressive. This, however, is not the only video to have massive views. The paint loop video was first uploaded in October 2019 and has 11.2 million likes.

5. Lip syncing by Bella Poarch - 611 million views

Bella Poarch is among the leading TikTokers with the highest number of views. Look up the lip-syncing by Bella Poarch on TikTok, and you will be amazed. So far, Bella Poarch’s M to the B video has about 611 million views. The video was uploaded on 18th august 2020 and has been raking mad views and likes, now reading 55 million likes.

6. Baby by Daexo - 389.4 million views

A baby’s smile will warm your heart no matter the mood that you are in. This video by Demi, Dae, and Josh shows a young baby giving the purest smile ever. It is not only lovely but also stunning.

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It is fascinating just how much power babies have over adults. The video has 35 million likes and 389.4 million views. It was uploaded on 2nd December 2020.

7. Wing Mirror by Khaby Lame - 348.7 million views

Having millions of views is not a new thing for Khabane Lame. This hilarious video of Wing Mirror garnered the Senegalese Italian TikToker close to 350 million views. Like most of his videos, Khaby barely speaks.

The wing mirror TikTok is one of the funniest TikTok videos. It has 36.1 million Likes.

8. Time Warp Scan filter by Billie Eilish - 326 million views

Billie Eilish is a world-class singer and a top TikToker. Time Wrap Scan video was uploaded on 11th November 2020 and has 326 million views and 39 million Likes. The Happier than Ever singer has 42.3 million fans on TikTok, with an accumulated 247.4 million views on all her videos.

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9. Addison Rae's WAP challenge - 302.9 million views

TikTok challenges are the best. So many people participate in the challenges as they are fun and showcase different creations by users. The WAP challenge was the in thing on TikTok between August and October 2020

Many users took part in it, but no one did it best like Addison Rae. This video gained him almost 3030 million views and 25 million likes.

10. Kison Kee's milk video - 298.4 million views

Different people hold mixed views about TikTokers that use food to create their content. That notwithstanding, some TikTokers do their work so well that one can overlook the misuse of food. Kison Kee's milk video is among the videos that involve food that many people like. The video has over 298 million views and 27.2 million likes.

11. Hair stuck in the window by Khaby Lame - 298 million views

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So what’s the easiest way of getting out your hair when it’s stuck on the window? Many people complicate things, not Khaby, though. The young creator shows the simplest way to do this within a few seconds. The hair stuck on window video has 298 million views and 27 million likes.

12. Opening a door by Khaby Lame - 297.1 million views

When you go to Khaby Lame's page, you are assured of a good laugh. Khaby is one of the biggest figures on TikTok. Opening door by Khaby is one of the most viewed TikTok.

This video he made, like many others, simplifies things that human beings complicate. You will enjoy Khaby’s videos on mute and get to like all his videos.

13. Lip syncing by Nick Luciano - 282 million views

Lip syncing videos are always fun to watch. They are also among the simplest to create, as TikTokers do not need a dozen resources. Nick Luciano has another amazing lip-syncing video that garnered over 47.5 million views.

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The video was uploaded on 23rd February 2021. Nick has more than 6 million TikTok followers, with a total of 132.8 million likes on all his videos.

14. Cat pawing at the camera by British Promise Cats - 275 million views

There is no way you would skip a cat video while scrolling your TikTok if you are a cat lover, right? Cat videos are loved even by non-pet owners. This video by British Cat Promises is among the most viewed cat videos on TikTok and perhaps the internet. The video was uploaded on 17th June 2020 and has over 40 million views.

15. Fredziownik's drawing of glossy lips - 270 million views

Art is beautiful because every artist can develop an idea that will be unique. Fredziownik took up the challenge to draw glossy lips and the results? Perfect.

The video is among the most viewed in 2022, with a total of 247.3 million views and 49.2 million likes. The cheerful star uploaded the video on 28th December 2020, and his 11.1 million fans still go back to see the incredible work he created.

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16. Thenickluciano's lip-sync to Sugar Crush - 269.3 million views

Who doesn’t like lip sync videos? ThenickLuciano is a TikToker that has perfected this art of lip-syncing. Its efforts have paid off on several occasions, one of them being this Sugar Crush song. TikTok has earned him close to 270 million views and 48.4 million likes.

17. Will Smith's Wipe It Down challenge - 268.7 million views

Will Smith is not only a legendary actor and singer but also an incredible content creator online. Remember the Wipe it Down Challenge that had everyone looking fly after wiping down a mirror?

Will Smith did this challenge, too, and his TikTok was among the most viewed. The actor got more than 26 million views and close to 20 million Likes.

18. Nick Uhas' World's Largest Elephant Toothpaste video - 266 million views

Science experiments on TikTok are another exciting theme on the app. They make relatable TikTok's exciting to watch. For example, Nick Uhas made a clip showing a giant toothpaste that exploded. The video has 266 million views and 19 million likes.

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19. Outdoorkindaguy's video of a wave hitting the camera - 254 million view

Nature videos bring one a sense of calmness and joy. The TikTok user Outdoorkindaguy left his camera on a large mass of the body and timed it to when the wave would hit the camera.

The outcome? A stunning view of underwater. The video is crisp clear and gets one to feel like they are swimming under the ocean virtually. This video garnered him 254 million views and 28.1 million Likes.

20. Peeling a banana by Khabane Lame - 251 million views

Khaby manages to make everyone laugh without uttering a single word. Most of Khaby Lame’s videos are dumbing down things that some people make complex. For example, the peeling banana video has about 251 million views. He is among the most famous TikTokers and has 132 million fans with 2.1 billion Likes.

21. Itsnastynaz's video helping a homeless man - 249.9 million views

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Acts of charity will always make people happy. Being a kind human being and caring for the less fortunate is something most strive o be. Itsnastynaz shared a video helping a homeless man, and the video caught the attention of millions of TikTokers. So far, the video has 27 million likes and close to 250 million views.

22. JustMaiko's Shakira escalator dance - 249 million views

When you get on the escalator, the natural thing is to remain still and wait for it to move down or up, not for TikTokers, though. Many TikTokers have tried a dozen stunts on moving escalators to come up with unique content.

User JustMaiko tried this with a friend, and the internet loved it. JustMaiko's Shakira escalator dance has 249 million views and 25.2 million Likes.

23. JustMaiko's escalator dance - 234.9 million views

Many people agree that JuystMaiko’s content is worth following. The TikToker loves dancing and has several videos of him dancing go viral. In this escalator dance, he is joined by another young creator as they dance on an escalator descending, and the content they produce is incredible. The 2020 video has 234.9 million views and 25.7 million likes.

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24. Kitten running by ninachristine15 - 215.1 million views

Cat videos, what’s there not to love? Nina Christine uploaded one of her most viewed TikTok on 1st January 2021 and has 35 million likes on the video.

This video is of an adorable cat that runs towards the camera while You Are So Beautiful plays. The star, who has more than 2 million cumulative likes, made it to TikTokers with the highest views in 2022.

25. Lioness hugging her owner by fxxkmin17 - 215 million views

The TikToker wowed his fans by showing him hugging a huge lion. Not many people are brave to get close to a lion. This man, however, did that and even went a step further to hug it. The video was uploaded on 5th February 2021 and is one of the most liked TikTok.

Need to unwind or laugh at a funny video? TikTok is the place to be. The video-focused social networking will cheer you up once you watch how crazy some users can be. The most viewed TikTok video will have you view more and spend hours on the social networking site.

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Yen.com.gh shared an interesting article about the top 10 YouTubers in Ghana with the most followers. Many YouTubers started their channels from scratch and continue to amass followers every day. This is why the most popular YouTubers in Ghana are consistent with the rate of their uploads.

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