10 best movies like Coraline you should have on your watching list

10 best movies like Coraline you should have on your watching list

Coraline, a masterpiece of dark fantasy and stop-motion animation, has captivated audiences with its eerie yet enchanting story. For those who find themselves drawn to its whimsical yet scary universe, many other films offer a similar blend of fantastical adventures, unique visuals, and magical storytelling. Explore movies like Coraline, each offering a thrilling excursion into the realms of fantasy.

The Box Trolls, The Addams Family, and ParaNorman posters
The Box Trolls, The Addams Family, and ParaNorman are some of the best movies like Coraline. Photo: @paranorman, @theboxtrolls, @erikbenharper on Instagram (modified by author)
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When compiling this list of movies like Coraline, we focused on films that have elements of dark fantasy, dark humour, and adventure. We have carefully curated this list to provide a thrilling viewing experience.

Best movies like Coraline

If you're a fan of Coraline's unique blend of darkness and whimsy and looking for movies with similar themes, visuals, and storytelling elements, look no further. Here is a list of movies similar to Coraline that will captivate you.

MoviesIMDb ratings
The Night Before Christmas 7.9/10
Corpse Bride7.4/10
Pan's Labyrinth8.2/10
The BoxTrolls6.8/10
Monster House6.6/10
The House6.8/10
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children6.7/10
The Addams Family6.9/10

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1. The Night Before Christmas

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  • IMDb rating: 7.9/10
  • Directed by: Henry Selick
  • Release date: 9 October 1993
  • Running time: 76 minutes

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the best Halloween movies like Coraline. It is a classic stop-motion musical directed by Henry Selick, the same visionary behind Coraline. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who becomes fascinated with Christmas.

This enchanting fusion of holidays is undoubtedly a fun and unique premise. Still, combined with a heist plot to hijack the Yuletide holiday and kidnap Santa Claus, it elevates to a level much beyond your typical Halloween films. With its unforgettable characters and catchy songs, this film is a must-watch for fans of Coraline.

2. ParaNorman

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  • IMDb rating: 7.0/10
  • Directed by: Sam Fell, Chris Butler
  • Release date: 3 August 2012
  • Running time: 92 minutes

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ParaNorman is one of the best stop-motion movies like Coraline. Produced by the same studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman tells the story of a young kid who can communicate with the dead.

Norman's trip is full of intrigue, humour, and poignant moments in a town plagued by supernatural occurrences. ParaNorman uses magnificent stop-motion animation to explore themes of bravery and acceptance.

3. Corpse Bride

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  • IMDb rating: 7.4/10
  • Directed by: Mike Johnson, Tim Burton
  • Release date: 7 September 2005
  • Running time: 77 minutes

Corpse Bride is a stop-motion masterpiece, which depicts the story of Victor, a young man who mistakenly marries a deceased woman while practising his wedding vows. With its gothic ambience, odd characters, and darkly comic tale, this animated film provides a lovely and macabre experience similar to Coraline's whimsical darkness.

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4. Pan's Labyrinth

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  • IMDb rating: 8.2/10
  • Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
  • Release date: 27 May 2006
  • Running time: 120 minutes

What movies should I watch if I like Coraline? Pan's Labyrinth is a visually magnificent dark fantasy film set in post-civil war Spain. The film follows a young girl named Ofelia as she explores a secret labyrinth and encounters strange creatures and obstacles.

Pan's Labyrinth is one of the best movies, like Coraline, which combines fantasy and horror elements to create a compelling and immersive experience.

5. The Boxtrolls

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  • IMDb rating: 6.8/10
  • Directed by: Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
  • Release date: 31 August 2014
  • Running time: 97 minutes

The Boxtrolls is another Coraline-related movie. It is a lovely, stop-motion animated film that tells a story about a little boy named Eggs who is raised by a community of weird, underground creatures known as Boxtrolls.

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The Boxtrolls, with its imaginative world-building and appealing characters, is a fascinating picture with thematic similarities with Coraline.

6. 9

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  • IMDb rating: 7.0/10
  • Directed by: Shane Acker
  • Release date: 9 September 2009
  • Running time: 79 minutes

9 is a story that follows a group of nine homunculus-like rag dolls known as Stitchpunks as they fight for survival in a dystopian world. Humans have been exterminated by a seemingly endless swarm of vicious machines, compelling heroes to discover the riddle of a talisman carried by the title character.

This PG-13-rated film has several disturbing scenes and is one of the best movies like Coraline.

7. Monster House

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  • IMDb rating: 6.6/10
  • Directed by: Gil Kenan
  • Release date: 30 June 2006
  • Running time: 91 minutes

Monster House is an animated film about three children who realise their neighbour's house is an absolute monster in disguise. As a result, they are compelled to come together and devise a plan to demolish the house before it is too late.

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Coraline and Monster House are about young protagonists discovering a frightening secret in a seemingly ordinary house. The two films also share elements of fantasy, horror, and adventure, all while portraying the underlying subject of heroic children confronting supernatural threats.

8. The House

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  • IMDb rating: 6.8/10
  • Directed by: Emma de Swaef, Paloma Baeza, Marc James Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr
  • Release date: 14 January 2022
  • Running time: 97 minutes

Fans of horror and stop-motion animation will like this British anthology film, which tells the narrative of a house and its residents over several generations. The House is one of the best movies, like Coraline, on Netflix.

The film's mysterious plot, which alternates between the past, present, and a dystopian future, leaves many aspects to interpretation—themes of abandonment, greed, and remorse take primacy.

9. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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  • IMDb rating: 6.7/10
  • Directed by: Tim Burton
  • Release date: 25 September 2016
  • Running time: 127 minutes

Based on Ransom Riggs' novel, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a dark fantasy film about Jake, a little boy who discovers a mysterious orphanage full of children with extraordinary skills.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a gripping film that will appeal to Coraline fans, combining adventure, fantasy, and eccentric characters.

10. The Addams Family

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  • IMDb rating: 6.9/10
  • Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Release date: 22 November 1991
  • Running time: 99 minutes

The Addams Family brings the legendary cartoon characters to life in a darkly humorous story. Follow the eccentric and macabre Addams family as they navigate life in their haunted mansion. With its wacky characters and Gothic style, The Addams Family is one of the best movies like Coraline.

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Are there any animated horror movies?

Coraline is an animated horror film that combines imagination and darkness to create a thrilling experience. Films like ParaNorman, Corpse Bride, and Monster House also have animated horror scenes appropriate for older children and adults.

Is Coraline appropriate for kids?

Coraline is rated PG and appropriate for older children, but the movie contains some dark and intense scenes that may scare younger viewers. Parents should use discretion and evaluate their children's sensitivity before watching Coraline or similar films.

With their enchanting blend of whimsy and darkness, above are the best movies like Coraline that you should have on your watch list. From stop-motion animation to live-action fantasy, each film takes a distinct approach to similar themes, making them must-sees for anybody who appreciates Coraline's enchantment.

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