What is the most-viewed TikTok video? 25 most-watched videos in 2023 so far

What is the most-viewed TikTok video? 25 most-watched videos in 2023 so far

TikTok is among the most popularly used social media platforms in 2023. Many TikTokers have earned fame and money from the platform. The most-viewed TikTok videos have millions or billions of views.

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The most-viewed TikTok videos are pretty interesting. Some are funny, while others are educative. These viral videos are posted by creative and consistent people who have amassed a significant following on social media.

Most-viewed TikTok videos

Check out the list of the most watched videos on TikTok in 2023.

25. Outdoorkindaguy's Wait for the wave to hit the camera - 257.9 million views

Outdoorkindaguy is a famous TikToker who engages in fun outdoor activities. In this clip, he records beautiful ocean waves using a water-resistant camera. The video has received 257.9 million views so far.

24. Laika.secret's ❌ no te aproximes a mis otros videos - 258.1 million views

Laika.secret's no te aproximes a mis otros videos has 258.1 million views. It is a must-watch clip.

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23. Itsnasersaleh's He was watching him eat, while he was hungry- 264.2 million views

Showing kindness to another person attracts blessings in our lives. In this wholesome video, Nasty shares a sandwich and water with a homeless person, which is heartwarming.

22. Noelgoescrazy's I didn‘t take anything! just vibes - 259.9 million views

Noelgoescrazy's I didn‘t take anything! just vibes is a clip of him dancing to Calm Down by Rema. At first, the guy seems irritated because he appears to have grabbed something from the table. The guy eases after realising Noel is a dancer spreading good vibes.

21. Nick Uhas' World's largest elephant toothpaste experiment - 266.8 million views

Science experiments are fun to do. Nick Uhas is known for doing fun science experiments. In this one, he does an elephant toothpaste experiment that is mesmerising to watch. It is one of his highest-viewed TikTok videos ever.

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20. 21. Lubee Bat Conservancy's Big yawn - 267 million views

Have you ever seen a bat yawning? Lubee Bat Conservancy is an organisation that preserves bats, which are an endangered species. Most of its content is educative. In this cute clip, you will see a yawning bat.

19. Will Smith's I don’t remember making this...? - 270.1 million views

Will Smith is a leading actor globally and it comes as no surprise that he has a significant following on various social media platforms. In this clip, he is seen cleaning a mirror in a t-shirt, but his reflection shows him in a dapper suit.

18. Khaby Lame's Bro why you ruined a t-shirt - 277.1 million views

Khaby Lame is a hilarious person who makes fun of useless hacks in life. In this clip, he wonders why an adult would ruin their t-shirt instead of opening the vehicle's door to release the trapped tee.

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17. Nick Luciano's And no it’s not a green screen - 294 million views

Nick Luciano watching Sugarcrush singing is pretty interesting to watch. The way the screen appears green makes it even better. Can you imagine how boring the world would be without social media?

16. Emma.cxmpbell's Turning into an animal - 296.8 million views

Every living human being is afraid of carnivorous wild animals because they are known for attacking and mauling people. Imagine coming across a lion on the road. What would you do? Run? Scream? Freeze?

15. Khabi Lame's Could be the new Khaby? - 303.1 million views

Khaby is hilarious without uttering a single word. He encourages the use of logic and common. Why would any logical human being prefer cutting their hair just because it is stuck on a car window instead of rolling it down?

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14. Nadir Sailov's A frog climbed into the closet - 318.2 million views

This is Nadir Sailov's clip with the most views on TikTok. In this clip, a frog seems to have visited the closet, and Nadir is attempting to get rid of it.

13. Khaby Lame Cm on bro - 352.8 million views

Teppanyaki chefs are known for engaging in fun and theatrical activities as customers await delicious meals. Their tricks are fun but also easy to figure out, e.g. there is no way he can multiply eggs. Khaby shows you exactly what they do to make it seem like the eggs have appeared magically.

12. Billie Eilish's #TimeWarpScan - 355.6 million views

Billie Eilish is a top music artist globally. Her style of music has made her a favourite among many. As a result, her videos get a lot of attention.

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11. Jordi Koalitic's Sail! - 361.6 million views

Do you know you can create world-class art without stretching the budget? Jordi teaches fans how to take artistic photographs using locally available materials.

10. Kool Kid Nelly's How did she know this dance - 390.8 million views

Kool Kid Nelly goes dancing and discovers the lady he surprises with a dance and discovers she knows the exact dance moves. How cool is that!

9. Daexo's Baby - 398.2 million views

A baby’s smile will warm your heart no matter the mood that you are in. This video by Daexo shows a young baby giving the purest smile ever. It is not only lovely but also stunning.

8. Jamie Big Sorrel Horse's Dancing to Say It Right - 434.7 million views

Dancing helps develop muscles, tones the body, and improves circulation, balance, and coordination. Jamie's dances are fun to watch.

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7. Rahim Abram's Бабушка не растерялась - 475.6 million views

Rahim Abram's Бабушка не растерялась means grandma did not hesitate. Grandma is unafraid of trying new things.

6. Zach King's Paint loop - 659.8 million views

The paint loop by Zach garnered the creator 659.8 million views, which is pretty impressive. This is not his only video to have massive views. The paint loop video was first uploaded in October 2019.

5. Bella Poarch's M to the B - 742.9 million views

M to the B is a popular diss track. Bella Poarch uses this track to create a fun clip.

4. Zach King's Glass half full - 966.6 million views

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? This is a question many people struggle to find a valid answer to. Zach helps you to determine whether it is half-full or half-empty.

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3. Zach King's Hide and seek - 1.1 billion views

Zach King is the king of illusion. His videos gain thousands of likes and plays a few minutes after upload. This illusion video has 1.1 billion views.

2. James Charles' Christmas wonderland transition - 1.7 billion views

‘Hi, Sisters!' is James Charles' opening line on almost all his videos on various social media platforms. James is influential in the beauty community and is known for make-up videos. His Christmas Wonderland transition video has 1.7 billion views.

1. Zach King's Harry Potter illusion - 2.1 billion views

Zach King's Harry Potter illusion is arguably the most viewed TikTok video ever. Do you want to see Hogwarts and wizard magic? This Zach King video is the real deal for you.

What video has the most views on TikTok?

Zach King's Harry Potter illusion has the most views as of 2023. It has 2.1 billion views.

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What is the most-viewed TikTok video ever?

The most-viewed and most-liked TikTok video ever is the Harry Potter illusion by Zach King.

The most-viewed TikTok videos are funny, entertaining, and even educative. Which ones have you watched so far?

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