SHS placement: Everything you need to know about the process

SHS placement: Everything you need to know about the process

Whether you are a student or a parent or guardian with a child in Junior High School seeking admission into Senior High, you should know the modalities of the SHS placement system. This is important because that is what Junior High School graduates use to check out for their final placements in Senior High Schools. The Ghana Education Service (GES) resolved to use this process to ensure credibility in the deployment procedure.

Has the SHS placement been released?
SHS placement. Photo:, @disruptxn
Source: UGC

The Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is an automated merit-based computerised system that was introduced instead of the Manual System of Selection and Placement (MSSP). This placement process was intended to transparently improve and enhance efficiency in transiting students from junior high to Senior High School.

SHS placement: How do they do the school placement?

Placement of schools follows two methods, which are automatic placement and self-placement. Below is how each works:

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Automatic placement

Students who merit one of their chosen schools are automatically placed without manual intervention. However, while doing this, the student's preferred residential status for space is also considered. So, the computer automatically considers students' second option once the desired residential status is full.


Under this option, students who have not met the requirements to qualify for their school of choice can choose from the others available on the CSSPS portal. This option allows prospective students to reconsider their choices and change schools based on available spaces. However, once they enrol in a school, the opportunity to change schools again will no longer exist.

Therefore, to do the self-placement, these are the steps to take:

  1. Visit the CSSPS's official website;
  2. Click on the “Check Placement Module” button, and wait for some time;
  3. Enter the code on your scratch card once the page opens;
  4. Then, input the index number and click on the "Proceed" button;
  5. Once the new page opens, pick one school and the resident’s option from the list of options available based on your aggregate score;
  6. Confirm your option and print.

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In the selection process, six subjects are considered: four core subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, and two other best subjects. While this applies to Senior High Schools, for technical and pre-technical institutions, skills are considered instead of Social Studies.

How do I check my SHS School Placement?
Students checking out something on a laptop. Photo:, @johnschno
Source: UGC

How do I check my SHS School placement?

If you want to check online, you must first purchase the scratch card containing a serial number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). With that, below is what to do:

  1. Visit the official CSSPS placement checker portal;
  2. Once you are on the homepage, scroll down to where you will see the "Check Placement" tab and click it;
  3. Enter your 10 digits Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) index number;
  4. Also, enter the year you wrote the examination with it;
  5. Then, enter the code on the scratch card you bought and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) before clicking on the "Proceed" button;
  6. Wait for a new window to open containing the details of your deployment.

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How to check SHS placement on the phone

Once you have your 10 digits index number, the following are the steps to check your SHS placement:

  1. Go to Messages on your phone and initiate a new text message;
  2. Input the index number and press send;
  3. Afterwards, for the number to send the message to, type 1060 and wait for a response;
  4. You should get the details of your deployment.

If that does not work, add the last two digits of the year you wrote your Junior High School examination with the index number. Then, please send it to the placement checker code 1060.

how to check shs placement on phone
Someone checking out something on their phone. Photo:, @supaslim
Source: UGC

Frequently asked questions

  1. When will the school placement be done? The exercise commenced on 14 January 2023 and ended on 22 January 2023. But then, the exercise is only to confirm if you have been admitted to the choice of school you selected.
  2. Has the SHS placement been released? Yes, it has been released. However, it will be announced when students will have the opportunity to change schools.
  3. How do they do the school placement? Placement to schools follows two methods, which are automatic placement and self-placement.
  4. How do I find my SHS placement? You can check by sending a short message containing your index number to 1060 or through the CSSPS official website.
  5. How can I check my school placement by SMS? Go to Messages on your phone and initiate a new text message. Input the index number and send it to 1060.
  6. What grades qualify for free SHS? At least, an aggregate score of 25 is needed.
  7. How many times can the placement checker be used? You can use it as many times as possible.

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The SHS placement system encourages transparency in the placement process of students into their desired schools based on aggregate scores. At the same time, it makes it easy for those who wish to change their schools without having to follow any unnecessary protocols.

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