Learn how to become a professional organiser and start making money

Learn how to become a professional organiser and start making money

The modern world is hectic. Despite the numerous advancements and conveniences of the current world, there has been an increase in disorganisation among people. Getting disorganised from information overloads, digital distractions, and the fast-paced lifestyle is common. But what is the solution? The solution is to hire or become a professional organiser. But what does the job entail? Learn how to become a professional organiser in this article.

how to become a professional organiser
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Who is a professional organiser? A professional certified organiser is a skilled specialist that helps individuals or businesses declutter and streamline their physical or digital spaces. They provide expertise, guidance and hands-on assistance by creating systems that encourage efficiency and productivity. Like any other job, becoming a skilled organiser combines knowledge, skills, practical experience and passion for helping others.

How to become a professional organiser

The requirements to become a professional organiser vary depending on location or personal preference. Despite the field having strict regulations on the mandatory qualifications for this field, having the proper documents can enhance your credibility and commitment to the profession. Here is how to become a professional organiser and make money:

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1. Gain knowledge through training and education

You will be surprised to learn that most organisers still need certification or training in this field. Some go by with the talent they have for organising. But if you want to make money plying this trade, going for training and education is ideal. To enrol, ensure that you meet the minimum high school diploma qualification.

2. Earn a relevant certificate

how to become a professional organiser
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Do you know how to become a certified professional organiser easily? Various certification bodies are certified to award merit to qualified applicants to become experienced organisers. The National Association of Productivity and Organising Professionals (NAPO) provides applicants with the CPO certification in the USA.

To get a certification, NAPO requires proof of 1,500 hours of paid work as a professional organiser in the last five years. Additionally, a minimum high school diploma or higher is a requirement.

Applicants must pass a written exam comprising 125 multiple-choice questions. Professional organisers under NAPO must observe a strict code of ethics and conduct and pay an annual maintenance fee of $100 (optional).

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Free professional organiser certification online courses are available on platforms like Alison and Pro Organise Studio if you want to avoid paying for the class.

3. Create a business plan

How do I start as a professional organiser career? Creating a business plan will give you a blueprint of what to follow during the early stages. Additionally, do your research and learn from your competitors and learn from the market. Finally, reach out for help from specialists if stuck.

4. Gain practical experience

You can apply for internships or work part-time in reputable companies to gain the ideal expertise. Practical experience is valuable for developing your skills and understanding clients' needs. Also, if you are a beginner, volunteering your services to family and friends will provide the necessary foundation.

5. Gain clientele and develop a professional network

You can decide whether to start your own company or work under someone. Regardless, creating and maintaining a professional network will aid you in getting clients. Engage with fellow organisers, learning from them and seeking advice on the market.

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6. Create and maintain a professional image

Image is everything, especially in the professional organising industry. Your clients will be more confident if you keep a presentable appearance. Always use and cultivate communication and interpersonal skills. In addition, develop a brand with a website, business cards and marketing materials. Showcase your expertise and services through your brand.

7. Be adaptable and stay updated

Because the organising industry is dynamic, staying updated with current trends and organising products is essential. It is ideal to continuously invest in professional development opportunities by attending industry conferences/webinars and being updated on evolving arranging techniques and technologies.

What qualifies you as a professional organiser?

how to become a professional organiser
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A certification from various recognised industry associations like the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) or the Board of Certified Professional Organizers (BCPO) is necessary.

To be considered a certified professional organiser, you must have at least 1500 hours of paid experience in the last three to five years.

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Are professional organisers in demand?

Yes, they are. Professional organisers are in demand due to the fast-paced lifestyles of the modern world. Many people today are leading busy lifestyles with demanding jobs hence the need for more energy and expertise in organising tasks or creating decluttering systems.

If you are searching for how to become a professional organiser and start making money, the guide above will help. A professional organiser assists individuals or groups in decluttering, organising, and streamlining their physical spaces, belongings, or digital data. They offer expertise, direction, and hands-on assistance in developing systems and structures that promote workplace efficiency and productivity.

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