Teen Claims TikTok Influenced Her Into Being Transgender: “I Was Struggling"

Teen Claims TikTok Influenced Her Into Being Transgender: “I Was Struggling"

  • Young Ash Eskridge bravely shared her journey as a detransitioner and attributed her struggle with gender identity to her early addiction to TikTok
  • Ash's exploration of transitioning at 13 led to discomfort with her body, substance abuse, and thoughts of taking her life before ultimately finding her truth
  • Despite facing criticism, Ash's detransitioning brought relief from mental health issues, highlighting the need for acceptance and understanding for detransitioners

USA-Young Ash Eskridge has shared how she grappled with very serious questions about her gender and it is thanks to being addicted to TikTok at only 13 years old.

Ash Eskridge.
Ash Eskridge. before becoming a male and after becoming a boy. Photos: Ash Eskridge.
Source: UGC

Ash starts watching transgenders on TikTok

"My name is Ash and I am a detransitioner; I want to speak the truth and I don't care what anybody else thinks about me," she declared in a TikTok Video.

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According to Ash, she was quite okay with her body while growing up, but things started to change when she got to 13 years old.

"I was struggling and spent a lot of time on the internet, specifically TikTok, that I should have been spending in the real world. At the time, there were millions of videos of trans people coming out as transgenders," she said.
"Because I was so unhappy with who I was at the time, I thought that was what was wrong with me and that (transitioning) is what would fix me," she explained.

Ash starts becoming male

The brunette revealed she took big strides to look like a male to the point that all who met her thought she was a boy.

"When I first transitioned, I didn't have any issues with my body but as I went on, I realised I needed to fit into this box and because of how my body didn't fit in the box, I became increasingly more uncomfortable with by body," she said.

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The thoughts made Ash struggle with taking her life and abusing substances. She started getting her testosterone at 15 years old and it struck her as very strange that she got it at her first appointment and no one asked her any question.

Ash went off testosterone for six months and while she could still pass off as a female and talk at a higher range, some changes became permanent.

"After two years of living as a male I realised I was wrong but I didnt come out straight away, I stayed like that for one year before deciding to do this and it was one of the scariest things i ever had to do.
"I found that people are so willing to accept transgender people but so quick to criticise detransitioners. Once I detransitioned all my mental problems were gone, I'.m happy now," she said.

Ciku Muiruri Claims TikTok is a Dark Place

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Closer home, Ciku Muiruri warned parents against the dark side of TikTok as she shed light on the social media platform.

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In a Facebook post, she also noted the practice of devil worship from some young TikTok users, which shook her to the core,

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