Ghanaian Man Stunned By Price Of Snail, Sparks Online Debate Over Food Costs: “One Snail For GH¢100”

Ghanaian Man Stunned By Price Of Snail, Sparks Online Debate Over Food Costs: “One Snail For GH¢100”

  • A Ghanaian man was amazed at a local eatery when he ordered snails for his fufu and soup and was informed they cost GH¢100, with the minimum being GH¢80
  • Wanting to confirm the price, he inspected a regular medium-sized snail and shared the experience on camera, seeking opinions online
  • The video went viral, sparking discussions about the affordability of traditional Ghanaian dishes and highlighting the need for transparent pricing in local eateries

In an eye-opening incident at a local eatery in Accra, a Ghanaian man was left stunned when he ordered a dish of fufu with soup and discovered the exorbitant price of the snails served.

The man, eager to indulge in a traditional Ghanaian meal, was informed that some snails cost GH¢100, with a minimum amount set at GH¢80. Perplexed, he requested to see the snail before making his decision.

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Upon inspection, the snail presented was of regular medium size, which left the customer questioning the steep price tag. In a bid to seek opinions from others, the man lifted the snail to his camera, broadcasting it to his viewers, questioning whether he had been unfairly charged.

Ghanaian Man Stunned By Price Of Snail, Sparks Online Debate Over Food Costs: “One Snail For GH¢100”
Several people on social media commented and asked why the snail was so expensive Photo credit: @sikaofficial1 Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The video quickly gained attention online, sparking discussions and drawing comments from viewers who shared the man's disbelief at the high cost of the snail. Many viewers expressed their astonishment, deeming the price excessively high for a local delicacy.

This incident sheds light on the rising costs of traditional Ghanaian dishes in local eateries, prompting a conversation about the affordability and accessibility of indigenous cuisine in the country. The viral video serves as a reminder of the need for fair pricing and transparency within the local culinary scene, ensuring everyone can enjoy their cultural delicacies without financial strain.

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Watch the video below:

Comments on the video collated some reactions to the video. Read them below:

@i_am_nunya said:

In 1942, the United States passed the emergency price control law as a measure to stabilize prices and to prevent unwarranted and abnormal increases in prices. The president doing nothing despite Ghana recording it’s highest inflation figures since 1995 is worrying.

@calebeshun wrote:

Eiii this is strange and too much

@Gudboy_Myles asked:

For Snail how much is Cow

@N33Sei said:

I went to oseikurom aduanipa and they said the same thing, the checky answer i gave the lady, Ahh why are we doing to ourselves in this country

@razy_AP wrote:

Snail has no reason to be ghc100 we Ghanaians ankasa we are wicked so when we become leaders we become more wicked

@DianaKwarteng4 said:

Ghanaians make things difficult for themselves by exploiting each other.

@RichkidMartin1 wrote:

This is really expensive. I went to Abakoase in the Eastern region last two weeks Saturday and big original snails about 10 were sold for GHS 200

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