University Of Cape Coast Fresher Chooses First Class Over $1million

University Of Cape Coast Fresher Chooses First Class Over $1million

  • A first-year student at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) expressed a preference for a first-class degree over a million dollars
  • The student who was interviewed on the streets of the campus cited the potential for long-term success and satisfaction
  • Despite studying Procurement Chain Management, he emphasised the intrinsic value of academic achievement beyond monetary gains

A first-year University of Cape Coast (UCC) student has stirred conversation with his unconventional choice between a million dollars and a first-class degree.

Despite the allure of a significant financial windfall, the student, pursuing a degree in Procurement Chain Management, adamantly expressed his preference for academic excellence.

He gave reasons for his choice. The fresher said even though the money is valuable, there is also much recognition when one has a good degree.

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University Of Cape Coast Fresher Chooses First Class Over $ 1 million
Level 100 UCC student prioritises first class over 1 million dollars Photo credit: @eddie_wrt (Twitter) & Phil Ashley (Getty Images)
Source: UGC

In a video on X, the student said he believes that the knowledge and skills acquired through academic achievement have the power to open doors to lucrative opportunities, ultimately surpassing the value of a singular monetary reward.

“I’ll take the first class because it can earn me that one million dollars. It’s not all the time that money gives you satisfaction," the student explained.

Watch the video below:

Comments on the video collated some reactions to the video shared by @eddie_wrt. Read them below:

@moorekwesi said:

As your Lecturer, I'll advise against such a decision .

@boykelzz wrote:

y’all relax, he’ll grow

@iamphaya said:

The piglet once asked its mum! Mum why do you have such big nostrils? Mum replied “when you are older you will understand” The young shall grow! When he is older and has rent to play, bills to settle, food and cloths to get, transportation to move around save some and support family then he will understand!

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@CoadedIBK wrote:

He will one day watch this video as a throwback and wonder what was wrong with him

@_philiptetteh_ said:

dey play! they should check up on him two years later

Fresher Admits Being A Student Of UCC Scares Her

A first-year student from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) gained attention on social media after a video of her went viral.

In the interview, she initially expressed fear upon realising she had been admitted to UCC due to its reputation for academic rigour.

Despite her apprehension, she acknowledged the importance of taking her studies seriously and seemed determined to thrive academically.


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