Teacher Abroad Tells His Oyinbo Students To Draw Garri, Shares Results: "Make We Self Colonise Them"

Teacher Abroad Tells His Oyinbo Students To Draw Garri, Shares Results: "Make We Self Colonise Them"

  • A Nigerian teacher in the diaspora has amused people with what he told his white students to draw in class
  • He gave each one of them a handful of garri and shared different pictures of the students' drawings
  • The teacher revealed he had told them to draw beans the week before and hinted at the next task he would give them

Teacher Jerry, a Nigerian teaching abroad, has shown the results after he asked his oyinbo students to draw cassava granules popularly known as garri.

Jerry revealed he had told them to draw beans last week and hinted at giving them groundnuts for next week's drawing exercise.

Nigerian teacher overseas shares funny results after giving his white students garri to draw
Jerry tasked his students with drawing garri. Photo Credit: Jerry JAYDEE-Teachings
Source: UGC

In a Facebook post, Jerry showed his students engrossed in their garri drawing task and what some of them painted.

He compared the task to how foreigners colonised his ancestors and funnily remarked that it was payback time. He wrote:

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"Last week I gave my students Beans to draw. I said I will give them Garri next, una think say na play. Oya see am now, I don Hustle Garri from my ancestors give them. (For the Culture).
"No be every time them go Dey colonize us, Make we self Colonize them small… DAN UBANSU!!! ❤️.
"Next one I’ll Hustle Groundnut and give them."

He added that he did it for the culture.

"Them go see shegeh for my hand..
"For the culture. "

Teacher Jerry's action amused people

Kennedy Oshioma said:

"Which kind trouble you come put this people nah? Se na Mountain of Peace dem come dey draw, instead of the Garium Sulphate? Ubansu ne kana cin fah!"

Benjo De Great said:

"They're really Trying, drawing this thing grain by grain wow that's amazing. Shey dem colonize us, Torh Dan Ubansa."

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Glory Ngokere said:

"Where did the sharp edges come from? okay they're drawing mountain of Garri? Okay, I understand."

Nichole Pun said:

"Abeg waybill me 1 cup with sugar make me too join wuna draw ...I love drawing Sir."

Prince Donald said:

"Na our groceries this guy's no fit draw??
"If them know how many lives this thing don save they for keep am well."

Godplus Music Ministry said:

"I would love to see the end result, this one their drawing dey resemble aso rock so."

Ray London said:

"If na me now I go don dey find spoon and cup."

Student returns to school with big gari

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported a video of a student who returned to school with a bag of garri.

@matilda_life1 shared the clip on TikTok, where she laughed at her colleague as he entered the hostel.

The clip, which was made from the hostel, showed a young man walking into the building premises with a bag of garri on his head. It is not clear if the garri belonged to the man who carried it in as another fellow trailed behind him with a school bag and two nylons in both hands.

Source: Legit.ng

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