Plus-Size GH Man Flaunts Results To Prove Online Bully Who Called Him Stupid Wrong: "I'm Smart"

Plus-Size GH Man Flaunts Results To Prove Online Bully Who Called Him Stupid Wrong: "I'm Smart"

  • A plus-size Ghanaian man has won the hearts of many netizens after he responded to an online bully in an assertive way
  • The intelligent young man flaunted his university results online to prove the critic, who hurled insults at all plus-sized men, wrong
  • Netizens who saw the video lauded him for the bravery exhibited in the video, which has since gone viral

A plus-size Ghanaian man did not spare a minute to prove an online bully wrong when he referred to him as "stupid."

The young man, identified as Christopher Yaw-Annor, in a TikTok video, defied online bullying by showcasing his academic achievements and proving his intelligence beyond doubt.

Plus-size Ghanaian man flaunts results to prove online bully who called him stupid wrong
Ghanaian man responds to online bully. Photo credit: @Cadugyimah
Source: TikTok

It all started when a TikToker hurled insults at all plus-size people, referring to them as "stupid." Christopher, who was displeased by the comment, decided to respond assertively. First, he refuted the claim, then showed his results online to prove his attacker wrong.

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He stated that contrary to the claim, plus-size people are knowledgeable and witty. Citing himself as an example, he indicated that he was only 19 years old but had managed to be in Level 300.

He further revealed that he was excelling in his academics, scoring good grades.

See the video below:

Netizens react to video

Netizens who saw the video expressed mixed reactions to the video.

@Ttracyyyy wrote:

"Why are you making me feel like I don’t learn."

@Bishop wrote:

"That's first class at Leg."

@Johannaefe wrote:

"Me toooooo. 19 in L300. It's something to be proud of bro."

@Cephas wrote:

"Tell them."

@Shades_Of_Sena said:

"There is no space for bully here!!! Put them right. Your GPA and brain shouldn’t validate your essence. Your existence alone is enough!!!"

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Earlier, reported that a man broke down in tears as he lamented being bullied at his workplace in a viral social media video.

The man, without revealing details about his workplace or the identity of his tormentors, made cryptic statements alluding to his challenging situation.


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