Ghanaian Teacher In Vietnam Complains About Discrimination: "We Are Paid Based On Our Skin Colour"

Ghanaian Teacher In Vietnam Complains About Discrimination: "We Are Paid Based On Our Skin Colour"

  • A Ghanaian lady who went to Vietnam to teach has opened up about the difficulties of being a black teacher in the country
  • She said blacks in Vietnam are facing serious discrimination, resulting in pay disparity among other unfair treatment
  • Online peeps chanced on her video on TikTok called on governments in Africa to make their countries better for citizens to stay

A female Ghanaian, who travelled to Vietnam to teach has opened up about the discrimination blacks are subjected to in the Southeast Asian country.

The lady, whose name was mentioned as Lawrencia, said that some Vietnamese do not seem to have respect for people with black skin.

DJ Nyme (left) & Lawrencia (right)
Photo credit: SVTV Africa/YouTube
We Are Paid Based On Our Skin Colour- Ghanaian Tracher In Vietnam
Source: TikTok

Due to the disrespect, Lawremcia said the teaching job has become more difficult for blacks who have moved there to teach English.

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She said the situation is worse to the extent that even some of the little kids that they teach treat them with disdain, something they never dare do to their white teachers.

Lawrencia further narrated a sad ordeal she encountered after she went to a school to look for a job, in a video sighted by on the TikTok page of SVTV Africa page.

"I went there to look for a job, they told me to leave my picture, the result they gave me was that the kids said they were scared of me after my picture was shown to them as their potential teacher," she said.

Pay disparity

She added there is a serious issue of pay disparity in Vietnam with blacks being paid less for doing the same job as their white colleagues.

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"We are paid based on the skin not based on what we are teaching. Because of the colour of my skin, I can never take the same salary as my colleague white teachers irrespective of my qualification.," she added.

Lawrencia further added that some parents, with racist tendencies, have threatened to withdraw their kids from the schools if blacks were the ones going to teach them.

Because of this threat, schools in Vietnam make sure they get the buy-in of parents before they employ any black person as a teacher

Ghanaians share their view on the matter

Some Ghanaians who chanced on Lawrencia''s interview with DJ Nyame on the SVTV Africa page shared their videos on the matter she is complaining about.


"if not Ghana has bad leadership how come Vietnam Vietnam...Awurade yesu."

.danny also said:

"Dats wat am facing in uk as a teacher oooo they wont mind u if you are black especially new to the school."

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peekayblue4 reacted:

"The earlier we.start building our country and stay home the better ooo."

Augustino also reacted:

"Yeah it's true. I'm also in Vietnam here, sorry my fellow blacks and myself. it shall be well."

Ghanaian lady in Vietnam opens up on life as a teacher

Meanwhile, in a related story, a Ghanaian lady, Nana Akua Appiah Okyere, also a teacher in Vietnam, seemed satisfied with her job

In an interview, the lady revealed that she is delighted with the salary she earns from her job.

Peeps who reacted to the video commended the lady for using her lived experience to inspire the youth back home.


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