Date Rush Lady Fights MoMo Vendor Over GH₵3.00 Cash Withdrawal

Date Rush Lady Fights MoMo Vendor Over GH₵3.00 Cash Withdrawal

  • Lady Popolampo, the lady who appeared in season 11 of the TV reality show Date Rush, has been accosted by MoMo vendor
  • This was after she went to the vendor to withdraw GH₵3.00, which annoyed vendor
  • Netizens have shared varied opinions on the incident after chancing on the video trending online

One of the participants of season 11 of the popular reality show Date Rush, Lady Popolampo, has been spotted having fisticuffs with a mobile money (MoMo) vendor in Accra.

This occurred after Lady Popolampo went to the vendor to withdraw GH₵3.00, which she claimed was the last cash in her wallet that day.

Date Rush lady fights MoMo vendor over GH₵3.00 cash withdrawal
Lady Popolampo (left and far right) and the momo vendor (middle). Photo credit: Popolampo-DateRush-11.TikTok
Source: TikTok

However, in a video making rounds on social media, the unidentified MoMo vendor refused to withdraw the money for Lady Popolampo, explaining that the amount was too small.

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This then made the former Date Rush participant question the vendor's refusal to cash out the GH₵3.00 in her MoMo wallet for her.

Looking visibly infuriated by the vendor's behaviour, lady Popolampo took out her phone to record what was happening.

The MoMo vendor, a man, also got angry as he accosted Lady Popolampo to stop her from capturing him on the phone, resulting in a tussle between the two.

"When did it became [sic] a crime to withdraw GH₵3.00? Gentleman, withdraw the money for me. I have not eaten anything since morning," Lady Popolampo was hearding telling the MoMo vendor in a video sighted by
"This nonsense must stop. I went there to redraw [sic] my money in peace and it turned into something else all coz the money I'm redrawing [sic] is 3gh.I needed that money for food and he refused to redraw it for me.This is unfair and MoMo authorities must do something about it," the caption accompanying her video read.

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However, the MoMo vendor sharply retorted that he would not waste his time cashing out GH₵3.00.

Netizens react to Lady Popolampo's video

Netizens who chanced on the video posted on her TikTok page, @popolampoondaterush11, shared varied views on the incident, some of which have been compiled below.

Angelvee said:

"Take it easy dear. When did it became a crime."

Sheri replied:

"She literally said it with confidence."

Emily a063 also said:

"Don’t forget he opened the business himself, not the network money."

shasha commented:

"3 cedis paaa eiiii Ama Ghana which kind temptation be this."

Dufie Felicia also commented:

"even 10 cedis I will not withdraw na 3 cedis."

maamesikaamoah reacted:

"can't you go to a different place oo."

Popolampo-DateRush-11 ·replied.

"No coz I have every right every to redraw any money I want to."

Lady Popolampo was disappointed in secret admirer who sent her worn-out slippers as a gift

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Meanwhile, reported earlier that Lady Popolampo, one of the ladies who went on Date Rush to look for love, was angry over a gift she received from a secret admirer.

The secret admirer sent her worn-out slippers packaged in a nice box as a gift. The visibly angry woman took to her TikTok page to express her disappointment upon receiving the present.

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