Bride Rocks Beautiful But Tight Outfit, Video Ignites Laughter: "She Can’t Even Breathe"

Bride Rocks Beautiful But Tight Outfit, Video Ignites Laughter: "She Can’t Even Breathe"

  • A bride has got netizens talking after she wore a beautiful but excessively tight outfit
  • In a video, the lady could be seen struggling to breathe while wearing the dress
  • Netizens have been reacting to the video, with some laughing over the outfit while others have called out the designer of the dress for making such a tight outfit

A bride's beautiful outfit turned into her worst nightmare as she found herself struggling to breathe due to the tightness of the dress.

In a video shared on Instagram by, the woman was seen adorned in a red corset dress made of sparkling lace fabric which clutched tightly to her chest.

The bottom part of the dress was made of red velvet fabric, and it hugged tightly to her curves. She also wore beads around her wrists and her neck.

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She also wore beautiful makeup and a headgear that seemed to have been woven from beads.

Bride wears beautiful but tight outfit, video ignites laughter
Beautiful bride dressed in beautiful corset outfit (Source:, Instagram)
Source: Instagram

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to video of bride wearing beautiful but tight outfit

The video has not just generated laughter on social media, it has also got netizens talking.

Instagram has been buzzing with comments after the video was released.

Netizens who saw the video could not resist their laughter, others who felt the designer of the out was to blame were also seeking justice for the bride.

@Lady Nurse Berla wrote:

"She can’t even breathe Eii boi3 ."

@mak_kete wrote:

"3kasen kwraaa. oooo dabi....whan na asomawo"

@Marcuss wrote:

"So nobody advice am?"

@Sika Slippers Shoes wrote:

"Looks like someone finally swallowed her pride"

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@Elinam Sneeze wrote:

"Lol my stomach ooo no air ampa "

@I am Ama Ghana wrote:

"Justice for the bride."

@Bidazzle wrote:

"Nbs Breath a thong"

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