Family Allows Giant Spider to Stay in Their Home Rent Free for a Year, It’s No From People of the World

Family Allows Giant Spider to Stay in Their Home Rent Free for a Year, It’s No From People of the World

  • People allowed a spider that could probably consume a human baby, to live in their home for a whole entire year
  • Facebook page Poems Porn shared the story, showing the size of this mystical beast in hair-raising snaps
  • The people of the world called “hell no” on this and shared their honest truths on what they would have done

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Spiders are not everyone’s cup of tea. A family let a monstrous spider live rent-free in their home and the people of social media made it clear that that would NEVER happen on their watch. Where the Doom at?

Giant Spider, social media, Mzansi
The people of the world comment on family who allowed giant spider to live in their home. Totally cray. Iage: Getty Images
Source: UGC

The Huntsman spider that took residence in this family’s home stretched out to be larger than two hands… do you know what that means? You can’t even smack it, that eight-legged terror has the ability to fight you and win!

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Facebook page Poems Porn shared the story along with two snaps of the free-rider. The pictures are enough to make you slam your laptop shut or toss your phone. That is a BIG boy.

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The people of social media make it clear that things with more legs than them, are not welcome

Seeing this post had many writing off a night’s sleep as they know the night terrors were coming. That is one big spider and the people who homed it were cray. Peeps were having none of it.

Take a look at some of the comments:

Jenn Kieras said:

“It can have the whole dang house. I'm moving out.”

Angel Gallagher said:

“You mean the Huntsman spider allowed the family to live in its home for a year ”

Jennifer Brown said:

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“Hell no! I could not go to sleep at night knowing that was in my house! That spider would be a deadass! Sorry not sorry”

Chavonne Nicole said:

“Nah, imagine sitting down one day and you sit on it ”

Morgan Marie Anderson said:

“Just imagine sleeping and waking up randomly to it just chillin in the bed with you watching you sleep. That would be a no for me! I’m getting sick just thinking about that crawling around my house making webs and shit.”

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