My Friends Used to Laugh at Me: Man With World’s Longest Nose Speaks in Viral Video, Stirs Reactions

My Friends Used to Laugh at Me: Man With World’s Longest Nose Speaks in Viral Video, Stirs Reactions

  • The man with the world's longest nose, Mehmet Ozyurek, has said that his friends used to make him the topic of their jokes
  • After realising that his nose is truly big, he came to terms with it and accepted the way God made him
  • Mehmet spoke about how his long nose has given him a very sharp sense of smell that not many people have

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A man, Mehmet Ozyurek, from Turkey who held Guinness World Records title for the longest nose has said that he feels blessed with what he has.

According to the record, the man’s nose is 8.8cm long when measured from the bridge to the tip. In a video interview, Mehmet revealed that his friends used to call him the biggest nose to make him angry.

He said people always stare at him.
The Turk said that he feels blessed to have the nose. Photo source: @guinnessworldrecords
Source: UGC

I am at peace with it now

The man added that he has since learnt to be at peace with the way he looks. It should be noted that the average nose size is 2.2inches.

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Mehmet said:

“My sense of smell is different from other people. For example, I went somewhere and I said ‘there is a smell here.’ Other people said ‘we don’t smell that smell’.”

The gift of a powerful sense of smell

According to him, he has a heightened sense of smell than a normal person. Mehmet stated that whenever he enters his house, he can tell which meal has been cooked by just smelling the atmosphere.

The record holder said that there are people who have a long nose in his family like his father.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the comments below:

tomharrison856 said:

"That is a serious schnozzola."

mauddawg said:

"@tomaustin585 you’ve got some competition here bro!"

yrufollowingme said:

"Dam*n. I’d hate to split a gram with that guy."

johnpratt625 said:

"I feel like I’ve seen people with bigger noses than this."

Man with powerful beards

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man, Antanas Kontrimas, set a Guinness World Records for the heaviest weight ever lifted by human beards.

In an Instagram post by the organisation, the man pulled up a lady strapped to his beards. The weight of the lady according to Guinness World Records was 63.80kg.

To get the task done, the man bent like an athlete who was about to lift an iron weight with his hands.


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