5 'disrespected' degree courses that the University of Ghana offers

5 'disrespected' degree courses that the University of Ghana offers

University life is one of the most exciting periods for any student. However, depending on the course that you offer, there is sometimes a wind of weirdness.

More so when you are a student of the University of Ghana, Legon and your preferred course of study is not a popular one.

For those who offer the Medicines, Psychologies, Communications, Economics et al, they walk on campus with some sort of prestige and vigor.

However, there are also those who have been relegated – sometimes they feel they are not part of the school – due to the courses they offer.

It is true that the course you offer at the university will not always lead to a job in that particular field, however, the “disrespect” for some courses is real and students have no choice than to deal with such stigma.

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Here are 5 disrespected degrees that the University of Ghana offers

1. Theatre of Arts

The Department of Theatre of Arts trains students in acting, performing, directing, drama in education, stage design, theatre criticism, costume construction, choreography, dance in education and dance ethnology. However, it appears most students are generally not interested in this programme.

Despite the relative ‘disrespect’ towards this course, there are students who have risen to the top studying at the Theatre of Arts. The department runs two undergraduate programmes – Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). At the graduate level, they offer a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) option in either Theatre Arts or Dance Studies.

Students, take it serious now!

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 2. Archaeology

The Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies is one of the oldest departments in the University of Ghana. However, majority of students are yet to give the course its rightful standing.

This programme provides students with knowledge on topics like archaeology and the African cultural heritage, forensic archaeology, human origins and early civilizations in Africa. Most Archaeologists tend to be historians as they are well into issues of African heritage and culture, studying through the ancient days right to the present.

3. Social Work

The Department of Social Works is also one area that students don’t readily look to. Offering such a course undoubtedly has its advantages, but most students would rather been seen offering Medicine or Engineering.

The department has both graduate and post graduate courses for students, but a visit to the pace will tell you that the number of students there is not that encouraging.

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4. Religion

The Department for the study of Religions is one of the best places to acquire high quality and effective academic study of religions and theology. However, the question still remains: how many students at Legon would want to offer such a course?

Despite the programme being geared towards training students to  respond to the needs of the multicultural environment from the perspectives of religion for a just, inclusive, peaceful and humane society, not many students are genuinely interested.

5. Philosophy and Classic

Perhaps many people do not even know that there is a Department for Philosophy and Classics at the University of Ghana. But that is because even those offering the course are in the minority and most often do not feel proud of it.

This, therefore, makes it fall under the list of “disrespected” courses at the school because students generally do not feel like it is a programme worth offering.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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