15 most popular beaches in Greater Accra Region in 2024

15 most popular beaches in Greater Accra Region in 2024

Unlike before, many Ghanaians are embracing local tourism. Ghana has many beautiful coastal zones local and international tourists can visit. The country is blessed with gorgeous beaches, and some are more popular than others for various reasons. If you are looking for a beach in Accra to visit with your loved ones, we have you covered.

beach in accra
Beach in Accra. Photo: pexels.com, @Alexandre Saraiva Carniato
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Finding a beach in Accra is pretty easy because there are many of them. However, some beaches are more popular than others because of the availability of social amenities and other luxuries.

Most popular beaches in Greater Accra Region

The Greater Accra Region has the smallest area of Ghana's 16 administrative regions. It occupies an area of 3,245 km². Despite being small in size, it has multiple beaches, and below are the most popular ones you should visit soon.

1. Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach in Accra, Ghana, is one of the most popular destinations for local and international tourists. Bojo is situated at the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean and is right next to a fishing village.

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Visitors must take a boat ride across the Densu River to access it. There are restaurants, bars, and hotel accommodations on site.

This location is preferable because of its close proximity to the city and airport. Besides, it is clean, relaxing, and open seven days a week.

2. Labadi Pleasure Beach

Labadi Beach, also known as La Pleasure Beach, is one of the nice beaches in Accra. It is quite busy and is maintained by the local hotels.

It is located in a town called La, popularly known as Labadi. The town is near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Note that an entrance fee to those not staying in the hotels is charged to access it. The Akwaaba Restaurant, The Ghanaian Village, and The Rehab Beach Club are within a three-mile radius.

3. Kokrobite Beach

Kokrobite is a beach town on Ghana’s Atlantic coast that is located about 30 kilometres to the west of Accra. Kokorobite Beach is often picked for parties and conferences. It has unspoiled beaches, the sea, reggae music, and stunning views of the tropics.

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It is one of the best night beaches in Accra. In fact, its thriving nightlife draws a lot of tourists and locals who wish to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. Sakumono Beach

If you are looking for the best beach in Accra that is not too populated and has a local feel, then this is for you. This coastal area is located in the capital city of Accra at the harbour city Tema.

The Ningua Junction Mall and Tema Harbour are in close proximity. You can fish, horse ride, swim, and enjoy music and drinks at Sakumono.

5. Coco Beach

Coco Beach is near good hotels. The place is a sunny beachside pleasure spot. Some of Accra’s top seafood restaurants are located right on the shore and serve up the day’s fresh fish. Other social amenities are also readily available for all tourists. If you are looking for a private beach in Accra, consider visiting Coco.

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nice beaches in accra
Nice beaches in Accra. Photo: pexels.com, @Artem Saranin
Source: UGC

6. Borla Beach

Borla Beach is located in Beach Cres, Accra, Ghana. It is a popular destination for many people, especially local tourists. It is easily accessible and has affordable amenities on site. Beware that it can get quite dirty due to human activity, especially waste dumping.

7. Teshie Beach

Teshie Beach is known for its shops and live music. If you wish to feel the breeze tousling your hair and water at your feet, this is the ideal place to visit. The location has awesome sunsets to watch.

8. Sand Box Beach Accra

Sandbox is a great destination for all beach lovers. It is located at South Labadi Estates and has a state-of-the-art resort that gives visitors so much fun.

It is a romantic getaway location with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Sandbox Beach gate fee depends on the package you choose. Each package has different activities.

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9. Nordsee Beach

Nordsee Beach is a public beach in Accra. Many people associate it with the Nordsee Beach Resort, an international hotel conveniently located on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa. Local and international tourists have access to state-of-the-art conveniences at Nordsee.

10. Langma Beach

Langma is one of the most beautiful beaches in Accra. It is situated in a town called Tuba, next to a fishing village which is about a 20-minute stroll along the coast. You can view canoes and fishermen setting off and returning from fishing trips.

11. Ada Foah Beach

Ada Foah Beach is located on the coastline of the town of Ada Foah. The palm-lined beach is ideal for a person looking to go yachting, skiing, or fishing. The location is home to sea birds and turtles rarely seen in other places around the globe. Visitors can learn many historical facts by interacting with the locals.

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Best beach in Accra
Best beach in Accra. Photo: pexels.com, @Joan Costa
Source: UGC

12. Cape Coast Beach

Cape Coast Beach is a beautiful holiday destination for local and international tourists. Shama Beach Resort, Hotel Loreto, Brenu Beach Lodge, Mfantseman Beach Resort, and Twitter Paradise are among the top hotels around.

13. Dansoman Beach

Dansoman Beach is located in the Dansoman District of Accra. Dansoman is a suburban community in Ghana's Greater Accra Region. It is a few kilometres from the centre of the district and is a real social hub for locals and tourists looking for a super hideout beach. The white sand has a lovely party atmosphere.

14. Laboma Beach

Laboma Beach is an ideal place to visit with friends and family. The entrance fee is pretty affordable, as is the price of various foods and activities. It is located in Beach Pavilion in Accra, which is accessible via public and private means.

15. Omanu Beach, Nungua

Omanu is an open beach with a fantastic seafront view with a serene and refreshing atmosphere for family and friends. You can visit any time for affordable activities and meals.

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Does Accra have beaches?

Yes, Accra has numerous stunning beaches with sand and rock formations that embrace the Atlantic Ocean along this coastline. In fact, Accra is one of the top places in the country for beach vacations.

What beach town is near Accra?

The beach towns in close proximity to Ghana's capital are Bojo, Kokrobite, Labadi, Laboma, and Ada Foah.

What is Labadi Beach known for?

One of the most vibrant aspects of Labadi Beach is the local culture, music, and dance. Traditional drumming and dancing are a central part of many celebrations held in this location.

How much do you have to pay to enter Labadi Beach?

Labadi Beach is a public space where you have to pay a small access fee of about GH¢10 to gain access.

What is the nicest beach in Ghana?

Ghana has multiple nice beaches offering various activities and amenities, e.g. Labadi, Ada Foah, and Korle Gonno beach. The nicest one meets individual needs, wants, and desires.

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Looking for a beach in Accra is not hard because there are multiple options for local and international tourists. Before picking a destination, it is wise to find out more about the activities and amenities offered to ascertain it meets your desires.

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