30 best modern Kente-styled outfits for engagement in 2024

30 best modern Kente-styled outfits for engagement in 2024

Kente styles will never go out of fashion in Ghana and beyond. The Kente fabric was originally used to make garments for influential people such as political leaders and priests when conducting rituals. Today, Kente designs are used to make engagement dresses, wedding gowns, and special occasions. Here are some modern Kente styles for engagement that are trending.

modern kente styles for engagement
Best modern Kente-styled outfits for engagement. Photo: @kente.stylesinspiration (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Kente designs come in wide varieties. The difference between Kente styles occurs due to the patterns used and the intertwining of the threads. Below is a list of Kente styles for special occasions.

Modern Kente styles for engagement

Kente fabric has significant cultural and symbolic meaning in Ghanaian traditions. Here are several wedding engagement Kente styles you can try.

1. Simple brown long-sleeved lace

Are you looking for the best engagement Kente styles with lace? Incorporating lace style into your dress may maintain your look simple but lovely. Lace adds a beautiful touch to a garment, letting you stand out.

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2. Bold sleeves

kente styles in ghana
Green and blue coloured dress with bold sleeves. Photo: @kente.styles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Do you crave attention and enjoy having everyone stare at you? If so, you can choose a dress with boldly parted sleeves. While the dress appears plain, the design on the sleeves offers a more vibrant appeal.

3. Simple mermaid style

This dress can be paired with silver earrings, a clutch and heels. It is a good fit for all body types and can be worn at casual events such as an engagement.

4. Blue and yellow off-shoulder gown

kente dresses
Blue and yellow off-shoulder gown. Photo: @kentestyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This is one of the cute wedding engagement Kente styles in 2024 since it is effortlessly stylish. This style emphasizes your neckline, making you appear stunning and fascinating to everyone who sees you.

5. Golden upper layer lace

Lace styles are popular because they make women appear delicate, elegant, and stylish. For a fantastic look, keep the lace details to a minimum.

6. One arm patterned dress

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wedding engagement kente styles
One arm mermaid gown. Photo: @kente.stylesinspiration (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This is a basic style you must have in your closet for everyday wear. This is one of the most common Ghanaian engagement dresses that most ladies are trying out. While you can wear it on the big day, it can also be used for other occasions in the future.

Short Kente dress styles

Among the most popular Kente print styles are short gowns. They are usually comfy and come in a range of styles. Here are some Kente styles in Ghana to consider.

7. One arm stripes

This dress adds a touch of elegance and will draw attention to your legs and waistline. It is great for a wedding or any other party.

8. Puffy sleeves

ghanaian engagement dresses
Short dress with voluminous sleeves. Photo: @kente.stylesinspiration (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The puffy-sleeved gown is one of the nicest gown styles to try out. This appearance makes you stand out and brings forth your inner beauty.

9. Layered dress

Layered ruffles, flare, or pleats give you free vibes. It's adorable and stylish, especially with nice accessories and heels.

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10. Golden striped dress

simple kente styles
Golden striped dress. Photo: @smockinspo (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Are you looking for simple Kente styles? Trying to go for this design. The outfit appears simple but is ideal for any wedding or engagement party. This is a popular Northern Kente style inspiration.

11. Plain with Kente partterns

If you are a simple person, try out this design. It is a super easy-to-wear fashion outfit and suits almost all body types regardless of height or complexion.

12. Low-neck Kente print

kente dresses
Low-neck Kente print. Photo: @global_kente_syles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This is one fantastic dress that is great for a wedding occasion. Pair it with some heels or strapped sandals to finish off the look.

Simple Kente styles for couples

These Kente fashions for couples are usually distinctive and eye-catching. Here are some Kente wedding outfits for couples that will leave your guests dumbfounded.

13. Purple and cream combination

The groom can wear a cream long-sleeved agdaba with a matching pattern from the lady's dress. You can accessorize with coral bead necklaces, bracelets, and crowns/hats of your choice.

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14. Matching design

kente styles for ladies
Matching kente-styled outfit for a couple. Photo: @kente.styles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This is a popular Kente traditional wedding attire combination. The bride wears a detailed mermaid gown, while the groom dresses in a long Kente wrap.

15. Matching traditional outfit

With this wedding attire, the groom wears a matching attire that matches the bride. They can accessorize with bead necklaces and matching headgear and hats.

16. Brown Kente style inspo

ghanaian engagement dresses
Brown Kente style inspo. Photo: @kentestyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

While the groom may choose a classic senator style, the bride may choose a more colourful outfit while still matching the groom's taste.

17. Colour and pattern variation

Kente dresses and designs are known for their vibrant and intricate patterns, traditionally handwoven on a horizontal loom. This is another perfect choice for any couple.

18. Senator outfit and Kente dress

kente styles for ladies
Senator outfit and Kente dress. Photo: @kentestyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Kente designs are characterized by their bold, geometric patterns and bright colours. The groom can keep it simple and plain but still have a few patterns on his outfit that match his bride's.

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Kente straight dress styles for wedding

Kente designs have also been adapted into modern fashion, and designers worldwide have embraced them. Here are some modern Kente styles for ladies in 2024.

19. Purple Kente inspo

kente styles in ghana
Purple Kente inspo. Photo: @kentestyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Brides having traditional wedding ceremonies can also wear the above African design. You can accessorize yourself anyway you like.

20. Pattern coordination

This pattern combination creates a visually striking effect, making the patterns eye-catching and attractive. You can go for an off-shoulder design or sleeves of your choice.

21. Green-themed dress

kente dresses
Straight green-themed dress. Photo: @kente_trends_gh (modified by author)
Source: UGC

While you may desire to appear simple, adding side slits to your dress creates a more striking and bold appearance. You can keep it tasteful by using a few decorations.

22. One arm red lace gown

One-shoulder dresses offer a distinctive and fashion-forward look. Adding lace can help divert attention, making it a flattering choice for various body types.

23. Simple sleeveless

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kente design
A sleeveless straight gown. Photo: @kentestyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You can strike a balance between elegance and sexiness with this straight gown. It's easy to wear and may be paired with your favourite heels and minimal accessorization.

24. Long-sleeved gown

engagement kente styles with lace
Long-sleeved gown. Photo: @smockinspo (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This long-sleeved gown results in a distinct and fascinating look. Wear similar headgear or a different strong colour that will boost the overall look of your garment.

Plain Kente styles

A Kente dress can be a powerful expression of cultural pride and identity. Here are plain Kente styles that are trending.

25. Matching orange outfits for couples

You can go for a brighter colour like orange, but keep the partners as minimal as possible. This can be a unique outfit for a bride and groom or couples attending a wedding.

26. Green laced gown

kente straight dress styles for wedding
Green laced gown. Photo: @kente.stylesinspiration (modified by author)
Source: UGC

While this green isn't particularly eye-catching, it's an excellent choice for someone who prefers to keep things simple. The lace accent at the bottom completes the look.

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27. Yellow off-shoulder gown

Yello is a lively colour. As a guest, you can choose this outstanding outfit that will make you stand out and convey the mood of the day.

28. Plain red with minimal pattern

kente styles in ghana
Plain red with minimal pattern. Photo: @kente.stylesinspiration (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Consider incorporating a few patterns into your dress to make it more eye-catching. This could include the waistline, sleeves, or the flowing bottom line area.

29. Purple and white

kente straight dress styles for wedding
Purple and white outfit. Photo: @kente.stylesinspiration (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Purple and white is an excellent colour combination for couples. While the husband wears a plain white senator suit, the bride can wear a plain purple mermaid gown. The added pattern variation is what makes the outfits stand out.

30. Plain blue with pattern

This is another eye-catching pattern that is appropriate for any body type. While the lower half of the gown might be completely basic, you can add some colourful designs on the upper half to make the whole look more appealing.

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The Kente fabric is indigenous to Ghana and is profoundly steeped in the Akan people's cultural heritage. These modern Kente styles for engagement are ideal for any couple looking forward to their big day.

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In any case, whether for a formal or informal setting, the chosen outfit should be effortless and comfortable while being stylish.

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