Kafui Danku's Biography

Kafui Danku's Biography

Kafui Danku is a famous Ghanaian actress who is extremely beautiful and known for her roles in movies such ‘as heal my heart’. She is an award winning actress whose humility has won the hearts of many. Let us take a closer look at the biography of Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku's biography.

Many are curious about Kafui Danku’s age. She is 35 years old. Kafui Danku was born in Ho Volta Region of Ghana, where she undertook her basic and later on secondary education. Kafui Danku’s birthday is 16th August 1982.

After her secondary education, she later moved to study at the University of Cape Coast and studied bachelor of science in English and classics. She later on moved into the acting industry and is very popular in Ghana for her roles in films such as; A little affair, 4play reloaded, sin of the soul, heal my heart, shadows in the dark and many more. Kafui is a very beautiful actress filled with passion for her career.

Kafui Danku’s wedding

Kafui Danku

Her marriage to the elderly man who is around 70 years of age brought a lot of attention on social media. Her husband became noticed when she posted photos of her first pregnancy because of his nationality and mostly his age. He already had 3 kids before marrying her in a very colorful and expensive private wedding. Many went forward and criticized her decision to marry a very old man but she remained adamant and she described her husband as being mature and calm. She said that they met in a flight and they decided to get married around 7 years ago. Kafui Danku’s husband name is Kojo Pitcher a Canadian. All the photos she posts show that indeed she is happily married.

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Kafui danku’s babies

Kafui went through tough times before she delivered successfully. She had 1 stillbirth and 3 miscarriages but she kept on praying and hoping.

Kafui Danku

Kafui danku has had many challenges all through her life. She has learnt however to have faith in God and has had people support her both locals and foreigners. Speaking in one interview, Kafui said she had challenges getting a baby but later on God heard her prayers.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Lorde Ivana Pitcher who was born in 2016. She posted photos of a second pregnancy on social media and wrote a letter to her baby boy who she said that she would name as Titan. These two babies are very cute considering that her husband is Canadian.

Kafui Danku house

Kafui and her husband live in a luxurious mansion with her rich husband. The house is said to have several rooms and rumor has it that she was renting before buying the current house. They also have various cars and she is undoubtedly wealthy. Kafui danku is amongst the richest women in Ghana.

Kafui Danku

Kafui has won several awards throughout her career including; best supporting actress of the year awards in Lagos 2014 and Entertainment person of the year award at Africa media Networks in 2014. Kafui Danku continues to shine in the film industry in Ghana and she is a true inspiration to many.

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