Ankara styles for teenagers: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Ankara styles for teenagers: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Teenagers are always into the latest fashion. God forbid you buy your teenage son or daughter an outfit which they find old-fashioned! To save you the trouble, YEN has compiled some of the latest trendy ankara designs for teenagers.

Latest Ankara styles for teenagers

This new trend originating from Lagos Nigeria has become very popular and a favourite of many. Celebrities now rock Ankara print garments to even red carpet shows. Do you not know what Ankara design is? Simply put Ankara style is the use of brightly printed fabric with African patterns to make amazing designs.

With the passing years the Ankara style has evolved from the previously traditional version to more interesting and better looking modern Ankara styles. There are numerous ways in which ankara designs can spice up your wardrobe .Ankara style can be worn long, short or combined with lace or any other fabric. Whichever way Ankara style is worn, it remains undoubtedly glamorous.

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Ankara styles for girls 2020

Unlike what is thought to be true by many that Ankara styles are only meant for older women, Ankara styles can too be worn by teenagers. In fact there are also Ankara styles for kids. The latest Ankara styles for teenagers are adorable and also in hip.

Ankara gown style is very trendy for any typical teenage girl who likes keeping things simple but wants to look incredibly stunning. Especially when short, Ankara frocks create a playful and sassy look.

latest ankara styles for teenagers 2019

Ankara style tops should be on every girl’s to have list if they do not own any. Ankara styles can be paired with either trousers, shorts, jeans or even a skirts. This can look really amazing for an informal weekend party accompanied with jewellery and other accessories. Ankara style tops range from peplum tops to crop tops to off-shoulder tops, all of which look absolutely amazing.

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latest ankara styles for teenagers 2019

Ankara style skirts and blouses has also become a favourite of many. They are sleek for any girl who is looking to remain comfortable and look chic. They are also modest and breath-taking. Ankara skirts and blouses can be worn to any function, formal or informal.

latest ankara styles for teenagers 2019

Latest Ankara styles for boys

Males are also not being left behind on this Ankara style. A lot of teenage boys have embraced this trend. Ankara pants and coats are now available in the market. This vogue and sophisticated ankara pants and jackets can be worn with a white or black t-shirt underneath.

latest ankara styles for teenagers 2019

Ankara shirts, shorts and trousers are also a trend to go by. Yet another dazzling feature of men’s ankara print designs are very tony ties and other accessories. Definitely one can never get tired of putting on ankara print garments.

Try the beautiful ankara designs and do not be left out. It is entirely certain that you will look incredibly amazing and stand out. One can never go wrong with ankara.You will definitely never regret spending on any ankara print garment.

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