Omotola and family recent pictures and news

Omotola and family recent pictures and news

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is one of the most celebrated actresses in Nigeria. Her fame not only comes from her acting career but she is also a singer and a philanthropist. Sources say that she was a model in the past. On several occasions, Omotola has appeared as a person who values family more than anything else. Here is what you need to know about Omotola and family.

Omotola and family recent pictures and news

Omotola Jalade's family

Being a sensational public figure, fans always want to know even the smallest details about her life. Omotola’s family seems to be huge and closely-knit. This inspirational star was born to a family of five, her parents and two younger siblings. Her father is Shola Jalade and her mother is Oluwatoyin Jalade. Her siblings are two younger brothers. They go by the names Tayo Jalade and Bolaji Jalade.

Omotola and family recent pictures and news

When it comes to family matters, Omotola is really blessed. Apart from her parents and brothers, she is married to Captain Matthew Ekeinde and has four gorgeous kids; two boys and two girls. They are Meraiah Ekeinde, Princess Ekeinde, Micheal Ekeinde and M.J. Ekeinde.

Omotola jalade family pictures

Omotola with family is one of the most sought after information on the internet. Occasionally, Omotola posts pictures of her with family. Just by looking at the pictures, one can tell that Omotola values her family. Her children and husband all seem happy. They might look simple but they speak volumes and inspire people on matters marriage.

Omotola is very blessed. Here are the pictures of Omotola and family:

Omotola and family recent pictures and news
Omotola and family on vacation

Omotola Jalade's husband

Many people look up to Omotola because of her marriage. She was married in 1996 to Captain Matthew Ekeinde who is her husband till now. Captain Matthew is a pilot who has worked for several airlines. Besides being a pilot, he runs an entertainment company known as Aquatic Jungle Entertainment.

Omotola and family recent pictures and news

Omotola and husband met when they were 16 and 26 years respectively. It was through his elder sister that they met, fell in love and build it. After two years, Captain Matthew was convinced that Omotola was the one he should marry. He proposed to her and got married. Till date, Omotola and her husband are together.

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Omotola Jalade family is a happy one; no scandals just love. Considering that she is a celebrity, Omotola has managed to be in marriage for quite a long time.22 years to be precise. At this day and age, it has become common for celebrities’ marriages to break within a very short period of time. However, what Omotola and her husband have is a dream for many people. They are like the first family who inspire young women and men to base their relationships on love. Most importantly, the couple believes in God as the guider and protector of the marriage institution. Omotola and her family are very strong due to their believe in God and love.

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