Kaba and slit styles 2019-2020: Photos

Kaba and slit styles 2019-2020: Photos

Ghana. The home of immense tradition and diverse culture. Even the mode of dressing and traditional wear proves this.

best kaba and slit styles 2017-2018

Did you know the Ghana national football team shirt has Ankara laced around its collar? Now you know. Talk about national spirit right? Of the traditional clothing, the Kaba and slit wear stand out as the most popular among the Ghanaians. Twisted and reformed to various styles and designs, the Kaba and slit can be we worn to any function provided the one fundamental rule about fashion is followed. The mix from head to toe must be just perfect.

Kaba styles

What is Kaba? If you don’t know, don’t worry it is not naivety. It is a popular top in West Africa that is often dressed with the bottom half, the slit. Made from African print (ntoma),it is usually associated with the old. Though not for this century. No. That stereotype is slowly fading away as new style have popped up, the youth not being left out.

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The best made from the Kente and Lace material, these Kaba can are worn in any occasion if the color and hairstyles are chosen perfectly.

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Kaba styles for engagement.West Africans are taking it all out in showcasing their heritage even at weddings. It is not uncommon to find love buds clad in the same Kaba material.Pretty romantic if you ask me.

best kaba and slit styles 2017-2018
Kaba style for engagement

Kaba styles for parties. Yes here is where the stereotype got lost.Fabulous Kaba that can be tucked in to bring out that dashing look to that party.

Royal and Kaba styles.These are most common in and among the highs in Ghana. The first lady for example, flaunts her classy Kabas that perfectly show national spirit.Most of these Kaba are golden to symbolize power maybe.

best kaba and slit styles 2017-2018
Royal kaba style

Kaba styles for funerals. As much as the mood is intense, the kaba can still be added to make you look good. The main color complementing the theme is black.

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Slit styles

These which are worn simultaneously with the kaba can also be styled to suit every occasion. These styles can be worn to church, funerals, weddings and even on official functions if matched well.

Being not so different from the Kaba styles, most slit styles complement their Kabas to bring out that dashing look.

Kaba and slit styles can be done with any hairstyle. This is however so long as the hair is neatly tied at the back save from the attire that comes on with a head gear. It makes a perfect blend with natural hair.

best kaba and slit styles 2017-2018
slit style

For the shoes that must be worn with the attire, then that solely depends on ones personality. The Kaba and slit styles match perfect with any shoe. Whether the shoes are flat or not does not matter at all. Heels can be done too to match it out. But to be always remembered, the shoes should click with the kaba and slit solely done to prevent wardrobe disaster as it is termed.

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Kaba and slit styles Ghana have taken the citizens by storm. It being the most perfect way to express culture and nationality, it is only a matter of time the attire is nationalized if that could ever happen.

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