9 words Ghanaians never remember to spell correctly

9 words Ghanaians never remember to spell correctly

Spelling is not an easy thing, and for many Ghanaians, the English language has often proven to be very difficult.

It is sometimes more confusing when it comes to spelling of certain words. There are some words that look so easy to pronounce, yet so difficult to spell.

In most cases you may not know that you have even spelt a word wrongly, until auto-correct points it out to you.

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Here are nine words that most Ghanaians never remember how to spell correctly:

1. Receive

Most people normally spell it as “recieve”, with the “i” coming before the “e” which is wrong.

2. Restaurant

This word is most often wrongly spelt as ‘resturant” with the “a” in the middle often omitted.

3. Stationery

Stationery means items such as books, pencils, pens etc but people are normally confused and they spell it as “stationary” with an ‘a” which rather means to remain still.

4. Cemetery

How many times have you spelt ‘cemetery” as ‘cemetary” with an ‘a”? It’s wrong though.

5. Itinerary

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6. Separate

Normally people spell “separate” as ‘seperate’ with an “e” due to the pronunciation of the word, but that is wrong.

7. Exercise

It is also very easy to spot people spelling the word “exercise” like this: excercise. However, there is no “c”.

8. Balloon

Balloon is a very common word, but its spelling normally confuses a lot people. Some spell it as “baloon’ which is wrong.

9. Embarrassment

The word “embarrassment” has two ‘r’s and two ‘s’s. Leave out any and the spelling will be wrong.

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