How to Know Your Tigo Number

How to Know Your Tigo Number

Tigo is one of the leading providers of cellular communication services. The network services over 30 million subscribers. In Africa and Latin America continent Tigo has branches and offices in the least 13 markets. Tigo provides readily available, widely accessible and affordable cellular telephone services.

How to Know Your Tigo Number
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The success of Tigo is based on a well-developed business model of availability, availability, and accessibility. The subscribers of Tigo are guaranteed of getting the best services at affordable rates in Africa and Latin America.

Tigo number

It is very important for every customer subscriber to know his or her Tigo number. In case you forget your number or do not know it, you don't need to want to worry as the sim card come with instructions of Tigo number check. This blog will help you in knowing your Tigo phone number.

My Tigo number

How to Know Your Tigo Number

The best approach I use to know my Tigo number is to call my friend number since I know that my number will be displayed in is on her number. I can also use text message where I text to another phone and then in their Tigo my number is displayed. This method is only applicable if I have airtime on my sim card. In case is no credit the sim card it will not be possible to know my Tigo number.

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The Tigo number is also found on the card plate, and hence you can memorize it after buying the sim card. You can also save it in the phone book but in case the phone lost you will also lose your Tigo phone number, and that is why the card comes with the shortcode to check the phone number.

Tigo number short code - use of shortcut

The use of the shortcode is the easiest way to check your Tigo number since it does not require any credit and hence you can check anytime. Dial *505*4*2# to check your Tigo phone number. This also depends on the customer geographical location. The Tigo number shortcode can also include 100 which Tigo customer care number which you can call to inquire your number and other services.

To check the balance dial * 124#. *130# to borrow airtime, 841 to activate new number, to access the product menu you are supposed to dial *505#. You should note that all these services are free. Using Tigo number shortcode, you can inquire anything about your sim card without visiting Tigo shop.

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