Latest Ghanaian dresses 2020 (pictures)

Latest Ghanaian dresses 2020 (pictures)

Fashion is one of the things that every culture in the world identifies with. They are as diverse as they are unique. When the major fashion statements of the world are being made, Ghana is not left behind and this is for a good reason. Explore the following article to find out the latest Ghanaian dresses that have been unleashed by some of the top designers in Ghana. You will definitely find something that fits your taste and preference.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses

While most dresses in Africa tend to have a certain kind of resemblance, the Ghanaian wear stands out because of a few unique traits. The demand for customization of the dresses has led to a specific variation on each dress. The following are the latest Ghanaian dress styles to look out for.

Pictures of latest Ghanaian dresses 2020

Looking at the pictures of the latest Ghanaian fashion dresses one discovers that there is a lot to choose from. From the pictures you can see short and long dresses, patterned and straight dresses, shorts and long pants, floral, printed and plain attires as well as a variety of colors. What this means is that you will always find something to suit your taste and preference perfectly. In case you want an attire customized, these designs will give the right inspiration to work on with your tailor.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses

Latest Ghanaian straight dress styles

1. Kaba and slit

This one of those straight dress styles in Ghana that is perfect for any occasion that requires a decent wear such as church. In addition the style is perfect for all body types.

2. Maxi chiffon dress with slit.

This is a Ghanaian dress that you can easily transform into a unique wear every day. The secret is to accessorize it well with a pair of sparkling necklace and earrings.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses- maxi chiffon dress with slit

3. Polka dot chiffon dresses.

This is a unique long straight dress whose color blocking strategy works well for the fashion industry. If you are going for a simple, straightforward but effective fashion wear then matching different colors for a polka-dot dress can work excellently.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses- polka dot chiffon dresses

4. The loose maxi dress.

Regardless of which material you will be using, you can never go wrong with the long maxi loose dress. This chiffon Ghanaian style has come as a life saver for most Ghanaian ladies which explains its popularity. Choose one flowing color with a touch of the Ghanaian African print around the neckline to create a perfect weekend wear. This dress works well for the beach especially when worn with platform sandals.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses- loose maxi dress

Latest Ghanaian African dress styles

Thanks to the availability of a variety of textiles such as Akosombo, Printex and Woodin designers in Ghana have a chance to explore their adventurous side. Some of the common fabric materials used to make dresses in Ghana are the Kente dashiki, Ankara, Batakari and Kitenge. Ghana dresses stand out because it combines the traditional and modern aspect.

A sample of the latest Ghanaian dresses 2020

1. Traditional dresses

Something unique about Ghanaian traditional dresses is that there is nothing random about the fabric and color choices as they all have a specific meaning. This African fabric has not been forgotten in the Ghanaian world as most people prefer to preserve it as it is as no alterations are made to it.

2. Kente dresses

This is the hand-woven fabric that comes with wide design and bright colors. The Kente fabric is traditional but it has gained popularity over the years in the modern world Ghana. The interesting thing about the Kente dress is that the colors and patterns all have specific meanings. For instance red symbolized blood relations or spiritual feelings. Blue symbolizes harmony and love while gold means royalty and green good health. People that wear Kente dresses seem to choose the colors carefully to represent what they want to express at the time.

3. Ankara

This is probably the most popular dress in Ghana especially among the younger and modern generation. The dresses are made from fabric with large prints and shouting colors. One could easily mistake it for the Kente only that it is without the traditional meaning attachments. You are sure to get it right with Ankara.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses- ankara

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4. Dashiki dresses

Unique and outstanding. These dresses are available in all lengths and are fast gaining popularity in Ghana and beyond. They were first an all-male attire won by the Muslims with a brimless cap. This has been overtaken by events as more men and women wear the shirts and dresses because of this unique fabric.

5. Kitenge dress

Kitenge is the most common African attire that can be identified by all in Africa. It is also the most expensive and one that is won by every person regardless of age.

While you could be looking at the latest Ghanaian African wear make sure that you are sure about the style you want. Ghana has a lot of variety to offer. Next time you explore African attires, consider one style from Ghana.

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