Top 10 Foods Rich in Iron

Top 10 Foods Rich in Iron

Not only does iron help circulate oxygen in the blood but also fastens the removal of carbon dioxide resulting to a clean breathing system. When the levels of iron reduce so much that performance is inhibited, Iron anemia is developed. A very common condition, it’s easy to treat anemia.

Top 10 Foods Rich in Iron

Too much of everything can be dangerous, iron level not excluded. When the production of iron is too high, it leads to the manufacture of radical elements that interfere with body functions.However, unless under a medical condition the body has its way of regulating this production to keep it optimal. While in some cases people result to taking supplements to boost their iron level, the natural remedies are the best. Taking foods high in iron consistently over a given period of time restores high iron levels. What are iron rich foods? These are foods that are rich in this particular mineral. Animal food sources are highly rich in iron and get absorbed into the body quite fast. Plant food sources have the highest levels of iron content but are not absorbed as quickly as the animal foods. If you need to regain your iron fast, choose animal products. For routine dietetics, plant products like leafy spinach will give you very rich iron.

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Foods rich in iron for pregnancy

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Once someone is pregnant, they have a little being growing inside them that has the needs of any other human being. This includes blood circulation needs. Towards the last stages when the unborn’s demands have increased, the body can run short of iron as the many blood cells are using the last ounce of it to supply both of you. Iron is not easily absorbable and it’s therefore advised that one takes iron sources throughout pregnancy to avoid iron deficient anemia. Foods with high in iron suitable for the iron needs of an expectant mother include;

• Spinach

when cooked, just half a cup of fresh leafy spinach is enough for a pregnant mother’s iron supplement. This portion contains up to 12 milligrams of iron.

Top 10 Foods Rich in Iron-Spinach

• Oyster meal and cereals

Made up of whole grain, these are excellent sources of iron. Oyster and cereals are suitable as they have very low level of calories, get absorbed fast and can’t bloat the stomach. Being pregnant and bloating is not quite a pleasant experience. Most mothers while pregnant get cravings towards some meals and detest towards other. Whole meal has none of the elements that make food likable or dislikable (salt, sugar and oil) so it’s a food that will easily go down.

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• Liver

Everybody knows the iron magic that a piece of liver bears. What few expectant women don’t know is that they are not supposed to take it more than once a week. It’s an over dose of iron and harmful.

Top 10 Foods Rich in Iron- liver

• Lentils and kidney

These plant products may be thought to be sources of protein but they in actual sense contain very high levels of iron.

• Dried fruits

These can be taken luxuriously anywhere. It’s a healthy way of controlling pregnancy cravings.

The above among other foods should be properly cooked before consumption. Spinach should only be steamed. A pregnant mother should be extra cautious with her diet as a life directly depends on her.

Foods rich in iron for babies

Iron is a very essential mineral in the development of a baby. Mostly during growth, haemoglobin that transports oxygen to all body parts is needed in high levels. Iron manufactures red blood cells and is therefore a determinant of how well hemoglobin is distributed. Its deficiency automatically leads to a slow growth. If a baby was born with no complications, they have enough iron in them until around 6 months when you are weaning them. Some best known sources of iron for babies are as listed below;

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List of foods rich in iron for babies and toddlers

• Eggs have very high mineral content, that’s why consecutive consumption is harmful, even to adults. Start with hard boiled eggs and introduce other cookery methods as the baby gets older. Eggs are one of the most reactive foods so be on the lookout incase your baby is allergic.

• Baby cereal should be mixed well with milk and some easily digestible fruits like paw paw to make it sweet, palatable and add a dose of nutrition. It’s a good source of iron.

• Mashed sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes contain iron as well. The easiest way to feed this to the baby is when it’s mixed with milk to form a paste like food. They can swallow it without straining.

• Oily fish should be fed to the baby once in a while. The method of preparation is strictly wet and not deep fry. Fish not only increases iron but also strengthens the body’s defense system and sharpens memory. It’s a food you should consider introducing to your baby is you hadn’t done it already. Beetroot soup is a brilliant food idea for you baby. A fruit so high in iron that it’s recommended for anemic patients in hospitals, it appeals to babies for its sweetish taste and bright color. The baby can even eat it raw like a piece of carrot.

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• Beetroot is so rich that it’s often recommended for anemic patients. Its bright color and sweetish taste makes this fruit appealing to the baby. It can either be prepared as soup or washed and eaten raw like a piece of carrot.

Top 10 Foods Rich in Iron- Beetroot

There are many other foods rich in iron for babies that can be fed with very few adjustments. Top in this list is the previously mentioned liver and spinanch.Motherhood is different and what works with one child may completely fail with another child. It’s therefore a responsibility of the mother to study and find out what food combination with iron supply best suits their baby. While at it, remember that breast milk is the best supplement any baby can get and should be carried on until proper gradual weaning is done.

Foods rich in iron should be taken in every meal. To identify but a few whose food group is most likely to confuse the consumer, the following foods are also rich sources of iron; Pulses, Peas, Broccoli, mustard leaves and Pumpkin seeds.

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Taken in small portions every day, any of the above mentioned foods will keep you healthy, up and working with efficient metabolism functions.

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