How to Apply For Us Visa Online

How to Apply For Us Visa Online

Even though majority gives up on it somewhere down the line, a few resilient souls are still adamant on going to America, living and working there. Though it can be a daunting task, applying for a US visa correctly following simple instructions can double your chances of having Donald Trump’s borders open up for you soon. Read on to find out how to apply for US visa online.

How to Apply For Us Visa Online

Before you apply for a visa, know precisely what you want. There is no way you will seek a road that leads to an unknown place and find it. There are over 185 types of US visas.Whoa! That’s a lot! Calm down; these are divided into two main categories for easier identification. The two major types are immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas ultimately allow someone to be a US citizen. An immigrant visa can be applied if one has relatives they want to join in the US or a spouse who is either a US citizen or awaiting approval for the same. A non-immigrant visa is the easiest to get. It’s meant for people that are only going to the US for a short period to do something specific like study, get medication or work temporarily. Provided below are tips on how to apply for these visas.

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How to Apply For Us Visa Online - The Pre-Application Phase

How to Apply For Us Visa Online

How to apply for a US visa can be stressful if you are misinformed. The instructions are discussed in a simplified format below.

1. Find out if you need a visa - If your country is involved in the US visa waiver programme, you don’t have to sweat it.

2. Determine which visa you might need - The immigrant visa will have different requirements for the non-immigrant visa.

3. Get to know what is required for your application-This includes the visa fees and documents.

4. Finally, with a clear vision, apply for the visa-The process varies depending on your application centre.

How to Apply For Us Visa – Documents You Must Have

How to Apply For Us Visa Online

How to apply for us visa documents must be legal as any alteration can disqualify you from any future applications. Listed is what you must do carry on that fate deciding visit to the embassy;

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1. Your current passport and any other older passports you may have.

2. One very recent coloured photograph.

3. A printed out confirmation page of the online submitted form DS-160 with the CEAC barcode

4. A visa fee receipt-This is paid to the bank before booking an interview appointment

5. The original appointment letter you received.

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If you are targeting a non-immigrant visa, documents showing evidence of what takes you to the US like sponsorship letters and medical insurance will increase your chances of qualifying. Links to jobs, schools and strong family ties are concrete evidence that you will not overstay your welcome.

How to apply for the US visa – The easy steps

Application for US visa online is a simple procedure, provided you had done your research keenly. Apply in these few steps;

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1. Start by paying the visa application fee. Download the fee receipt that is processed.

2. Schedule your appointment online on the provided website.

3. Keep checking your email to know when your appointment letter is out.

4. Visit the US embassy in your country as per the date and time you are asked to.

It is true it could be a bit of a hassle, but the good news is; unless you are a criminal, then there’s a chance of being blessed with a visa if you stick to the instructions given and be resilient. Sometimes you have to do it over and over again. Just so you know, nobody will ask if you support Trump’s era or not.

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