How to become a lawyer in Ghana

How to become a lawyer in Ghana

Education is crucial when it comes to most people in Ghana. With so many courses to choose from, it can get confusing for young people looking to attain higher education. However, over the years, it is quite evident that one of the best courses to embrace is Law. Many students have embraced and enrolled for the course, especially those with a passion to practice law. If you are wondering about how to become a lawyer in Ghana, there are various requirements that you will be required to meet.

How to become a lawyer
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Before becoming a lawyer, you will need to meet the various minimum requirements such as passing either your O level or A level exams to qualify to study law. It is also wise to choose the best institution that will provide you with quality education.

Steps to become a lawyer in Ghana

You will be surprised to learn that there are three ways to becoming a lawyer in Ghana.

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Category one

This is a four-year (full-time) LLB programme. One of the frequently asked question for most applicants has always been is maths required for Law? Read on to find out. Here students are admitted as holders of any of the following sections;

How to become a lawyer
Source: UGC
  • WASSSCE with credits in three principal subjects which include English, Mathematics, and integrated Science, and three WASSSCE elective subjects in General Arts or Science or Business with Business Management, Accounting, Economics, Costing & Business Mathematics with an aggregate of 20 or better.
  • GCE Advanced Level with a credit in at least five O level subjects, including Mathematics, and English, as well as three A levels or equivalent in Arts or Science subjects.
  • Mature candidates who are 25 years and above with credits in at least five O levels, including Mathematics and English.

Category two

This is a three-year full-time LLB programme. Here students are admitted as first degree holders in a non-law subject. One is required to do a three-year full-time LLB programme.

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Category three

This is a four-year (part-time) LLB programme. Here, students are admitted as first degree holders in a non-law subject. You will be required to complete a four-year part-time LLB programme.

How does one become a lawyer?

Once you have completed your LLB programme, it is a requirement to enrol at Ghana Law School to become a qualified lawyer in Ghana. This is a two-year programme. Here are the requirements that you need to meet before making your application;

  • ALL LLB graduates from the Faculties of Law of Public Universities in Ghana, including KNUST, Kumasi; University of Ghana(Legon) and GIMPA approved by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the General Legal Council (GLC).
  • ALL LLB graduates from the Faculties of Law of Private University Colleges in Ghana approved by the NAB and GLC.
  • ALL Ghanaian LLB graduates or holders of equivalent law degrees from Universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America and other common law jurisdictions who have obtained passes in all the prescribed subjects/courses for admission to the Professional Law Course.

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For the avoidance of doubt, applicants from overseas/foreign Universities who possess LLB certificates or certificates for equivalent law degrees shall be eligible to write the Entrance Examination if such applicants have passed the subjects below at the LLB or equivalent level:

How to become a lawyer
Source: UGC
  1. Ghana Constitutional Law
  2. Ghana Legal System and Methods
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Law of Equity and Succession
  5. Law of Torts
  6. Law of Contract
  7. Law of Immovable Property
  8. Company Law
  9. Commercial Law

Also, in addition to the nine (9) subjects listed above, applicants must have studied and passed any one of the following subjects:

  1. Law of Natural Resources
  2. Environmental Law
  3. Intellectual Property Law
  4. Law of Taxation

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How long does it take to become a lawyer?

It could take you up to six years or more, especially for WASSCE applicants. For other applicants, it could be either two, three, or even four years, depending on the university one attended.

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How much do lawyers earn in Ghana?

It is estimated that a person working in the legal sector in Ghana earns between 6,060 GHS in a month. The salaries range from 1,890 GHS to about 15,100 HS.

What type of lawyer is the highest paid?

There are different specialties in the law profession. For instance, one could major in immigration, civil rights, family and divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal defence, and real estate, among others. There is no actual information on the type of lawyer with the highest pay, but the pay depends on one’s qualifications and experience in the field.

What is the best law school in Ghana?

There are various universities where one can study law. These include;

  1. Ghana School of Law
  2. Wisconsin International University College Faculty of Law
  3. Mountcrest University College Faculty of Law
  4. GIMPA Faculty of Law
  5. UCC Faculty of Law
  6. KNUST Faculty of Law
  7. Kings University College Faculty of Law
  8. Central University College Faculty of Law
  9. Lancaster University Ghana University

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With the following detailed information on how to become a lawyer in Ghana, you can rest assured that you will have an easy time making your application to your school of choice.

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