List of all free digital TV channels in Ghana

List of all free digital TV channels in Ghana

Free digital channels in Ghana have brought a breathe of fresh air to the world of TV entertainment. The board in charge of international telecommunication system in the world suggested earlier in 2014 that all states in the world should migrate from analogue to digital latest by June 2015. This suggestion was received differently by different stakeholders in various countries of the world. Here in Ghana, the government promised to make both ends meet to hit the deadline. Though migration to digital had already happened in several countries of the world like USA, most Ghanaians were completely unaware of what this was. Ghana is making necessary steps to achieve this goal. According to Ghana’s minister of communication Ursula Owuso-Ekuful, the government is trying so hard to fully migrate from analogue to digital before the end of 2018. This article will point out some of the digital channels found in Ghana.

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List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana

Free to air digital TV channels in Ghana

Many people living outside Ghana or the most remote areas of Ghana could not comfortably get in touch to news, sports or entertainment aired by Ghana broadcasts. This was due to low frequencies which called for expansion of free to air television stations to enable bigger coverage. This was exclusively addressing the issue of people in living in hinterland and those living in remote areas of Ghana to have access to information. Free to air digital TV which has a control from a satellite was the solution for all these. Below is a list of free to air digital channels in Ghana.

List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana
Source:Digital Ghana


Ghana TV is a national broadcast which covers more than 90% of the Ghana’s airwave. It’s one of the oldest television channel in Ghana and is now operating from three satellites. These satellites include:

  1. ASTRA 2B at 28.20 E.- GTV and Uniiq FM are found in this satellite.
  2. Eutelsat W4
  3. Intelsat 903 at 34.50 W

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List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana
Source:GBC Ghana

Metro TV

This was the first television channel to be taken to satellite. The metropolitan television is owned by a partnership of the government and private person. It’s a high frequency broadcast which is currently located in 2 satellites. They include:

List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana
  1. NSS 10 at 37.5o w-this satellite has enable its service to be enjoyed by billions of people from almost three continents. Through NSS 10, you can view metro TV from all parts of Africa, middle east and not forgetting Europe.
  2. Eutelsat W4-Metro TV is believed to be the second television channel to be included in DSTV. When you need to connect to DSTV, its always advisable to contact your system installer.

TV3 Ghana

This is a private channel in Ghana which was launched in 1997 as a free-to-air broadcast. Its owned by media giant media in Malaysia. This channel is located at NSS 7 satellite. Lots of people from differents countries enjoy the services of TV3 Ghana. This television channel is also common in the multi TV channels in Ghana.

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List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana
Source:Starr FM

TV Africa

This television channel is located at satellite NSS 7. It is found in Accra and was official in march 2003. It is owned by the Kwaw Paintsil Ansah.

List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana

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Viasat 1

List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana

This channel is available at satellite NSS 7. Its owned by a media group company in Swedish.

Other free-to-air television stations in Ghana include the following:

  • Top TV
  • UTV
  • Coastal TV
  • Cardinal TV
  • Crystal TV
  • E-TV Ghana
  • Kantanka TV
  • Light TVS
  • TV XYZ
  • ECN (DW TV)
  • GH One
  • Angel TV
  • Joy Prime
List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana
  • TV3
  • ZTV
  • Kessben TV
  • Pan African TV
  • TV Gold
  • Atinka TV
  • Ice TV
  • ATV
  • Precious TV
  • Joy News
  • Dominion TV

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List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana
Source:Today Newspaper

List of free digital TV channels in Ghana.

Digital TV are more advanced than the analogue television. The strength of its signals are not affected by distance since information is transmitted in form of streams of binary bits which eventually combine to give the exactly pictures, audio and so on. The list below give a list of digital TV channels in Ghana

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  • GBC 24 TV
  • GTV Life
  • GTV Government
  • XWZ TV
  • Oceans TV
  • TV 7
  • Praise TV
  • Angel TV
  • Max TV
  • Home base TV
  • Kantanka TV
  • Atinka TV
  • Aljazeera TV
  • Metro TV
  • Adom TV
  • Family TV
  • GBC 2
  • TV XY
  • 4Syte TV
List of All Free Digital TV Channels in Ghana

How to get free digital channels in Ghana

It’s important to understand that television dealers and manufacturers are not the same. Different televisions are made by different dealers therefore the method on how to get digital channels on those gadgets may vary from one television to another depending on the dealer. However, it’s advisable to refer from the manufacturer’s manual before moving ahead to the next step. In case the instructions given in the manufacturers manual are not very clear, go through these steps. It will encourage free to air Ghana (fta Ghana) since most people will be able to install digital channels in their TVs.

  • Press the menu button using your remote control to access settings.
  • Sometimes especially with smart TV, there is a button which is used to accessing the general settings of your television, in search cases, you just use the button instead of remote.
  • Scroll down to find channels. You can as well use tuner set up option.
  • On the menu, check for type of antenna or connection type.
  • Ensure that the designated setting on the menu is digital cable.
  • Check on the menu for option search digital channels. It might be different depending on the manufacture like channel scan or channel search.
  • Give the television enough time to do a complete search. It might take as long as 30 minutes or more. After a successful scan or search, it will display all the digital channels found.
  • The last step after you have gotten your digital channels is to confirm menu prompt and hit the exit key.
  • Enjoy digital channels from your television.

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Free Ghana TV channels online - Popular FTA channels in Ghana

Ghana has several channels which can be accessed online. They have very strong frequencies and operate normally like a normal television channel. Some of the common channel which you can find them online are as follows:

  1. Joy news. This channel is located in Accra and it airs information in English. You can live stream on joy news and view all breaking and trending news in Ghana and beyond. It’s one of the best online channels in Ghana.
  2. Kessben TV. This is satellite station which is located at Kumasi. It offers online entertainment, news and some advertisements.
  3. Adom TV-it’s based in Accra. It mainly offers online entertainment in Ghana.

These channels among few others in Ghana can be accessed in the internet.

Advantages of digital TV in Ghana over the analogue

The reason why many people are migrating to digital TV is because of its multiple advantages compared to the analogue TV. Some of these advantages include the following:

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  • Digital signals are much compact compared to the old analogue signals.
  • Pictures emitted by digital signals are finer with all details due to the presence of digital tuner which is responsible for removing all form of disturbances
  • Digital TV allows for a high definition television which enhance the size and clarity of pictures on the television.
  • Digital TV have important feature called automatic user interface. This help to prevent channel surfing.


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