Easter 2020 holiday dates in Ghana

Easter 2020 holiday dates in Ghana

Majority of Ghanaian belong to the Christian religion. This makes Easter dates to be honoured and celebrated, therefore the dates become public holidays. All Christians in the world take the day special and you will be amazed by how the Ghanaian Christians celebrate this dates. This article wishes to update you on Easter 2020 holidays dates to get you ready for the special day.

Easter 2020 holiday dates in Ghana

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Easter 2020 holiday dates

On 10th April 2020 on a Friday, the Ghanaian will celebrate the Good Friday. It is a special day that most Ghanaian walk to their churches with their elegant church wears to pray all day long and thank God for dying for their sins. Every Easter holiday is always set as a public holiday in Ghana. and this year it will be from the 10th of April to the 13th of April.

On 12th April is Easter Sunday but its usually celebrated on Monday hence on 13th April 2020 on a Monday, there is an Easter Monday holiday in Ghana. The Ghanaian Christians are usually so happy and full of joy as Jesus Christ resurrects. It is always good to send those people close to you a happy, joyful, and a blessed Easter. If you are finding it hard, here are some collection for you to wish everyone.

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  • I thank God for making us see and celebrate Easter this year. I don’t take it for granted and I wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter. Let us serve the almighty for the rest of our lives.
  • May God’s blessing and favors fall upon everyone from this special day, tomorrow and for the rest of the days God will grant everyone of us.
  • God’s greatness and faithfulness to us is beyond words. May celebrate this years Easter with loads of joy and happiness.
  • Mum you are a great blessing and I wish you a good day full of everlasting happiness.
  • Do not forget to give thanks to the almighty for his love and sacrifice to die for our sins. we are a new being and we should ask God to help us avoid sins. I wish everyone a blessed and a happy day.
  • Good morning dad, I would like to wish you a peaceful day as you celebrate Easter. May God grant you more life; I love you.
  • I appreciate you mom for making honor and value this special day. I wish you a lovely day and more better days.
  • We should all learn to love others just as Jesus love us. This morning I wish everyone a lovely and amazing day full of God’s love.
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Easter 2 Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a special day that falls on a Sunday that is before Easter. Most Ghanaian churches especially Catholics value this day as it symbolizes the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The Ghanaian Catholics move in a large congregation of Christians carrying blessed with holy water palms.

Easter 2020 holiday dates in Ghana

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They also carry small palm made crosses that they are supposed to go home with and burn them later on. The ash of the palm crosses will be put on each of the Christians heads on Ash Wednesday, which will be the year that follows.

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Palm Sunday 2020 was on 5th of April. This means the Ghanaian Christians have already started off with the holy week waiting for Easter.

Easter 2020 expected activities

Easter 2020 as always will be a day that the Ghanaians will engage in religious emphasis and a few cultural activities will also take place. Most will go to church special service as always dressed in their beautiful embraced African wears from Kente, Kitenge, Ankara, Aso Ebi, Dashiki to laces styles.

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Easter 2020 holiday dates in Ghana

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Other Ghanaian churches will have special retreats only for Easter and attending prayer meetings for part or the whole day.

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For the Ghanaian youths, there is a big possibility for them who belong in different denominations to go for ‘Easter camp’.

The unique Ghanaian event activity that happens annually during Easter time at Kwahu town will be there with lots of different foods and picnic just as it always done. Entertainment will not miss out.

Some Ghanaian churches members and families as always done during Easter time will visit an orphanage home. They will donate clothes, food, and money to give them a smile as they are celebrating the big and special day.

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