List of foreign companies in Ghana 2019/2020

List of foreign companies in Ghana 2019/2020

As technological and social advancements continue to increase, multinational companies are becoming widespread in different parts of the world. Such is the case with Ghana which now hosts several foreign companies. Over the years, the attractiveness of Ghana as a reliable investment country has increased. It has seen development in many areas such as communication, transport, education, industrial manufacturing and agriculture among other areas. Such factors make it a good region for multinational companies to invest. For such reasons the list of foreign companies in Ghana 2019/2020 has increased.

List of foreign companies in Ghana 2019
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The benefits of multinational companies in a country are enormous. The economy thrives greatly through the provision of jobs, easy access of goods and the development of infrastructure among other benefits. It is even greater news for job seekers who felt that their skills were not suitable for the companies in the country. Today, they have the opportunity to try out foreign and new companies in Ghana. The advantages of working for foreign companies cannot be underestimated. One gets to learn about different cultures as well as new skills. Working for richest companies in Ghana also enables one to earn higher compensations.

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If you are a job seeker, the information provided in this article will come in handy for your job search. Information on top foreign companies Ghana that people should be aiming to work for has been provided. It is wise to try applying for jobs often to avoid the disappointments that come with the lack of employment.

List of foreign construction companies in Ghana

Companies in the construction industry in Ghana have contributed towards the development of modern infrastructure. Most of them under this category deal with the construction of buildings, roads and railways among other infrastructure.

List of foreign companies in Ghana 2019

Here is a list of foreign construction companies in Ghana. Most of these companies fall under the list of foreign private companies in Ghana

1. Zakhem International Construction Ltd.

If you are an investor looking to establish buildings with state of the art architecture, Zakhem Group got you covered. This company deals with the delivery of construction and engineering services. Over more than 50 years when it has been in business, the company has created a great reputation in the construction of hotels, residential apartments, offices, hotels and resorts. Integrity and delivery of quality products and services is at the core of its services

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2. BAM International

BAM international Ghana is a branch of a European company known as the Royal BAM Group. It deals with the provision of construction and engineering services. Its aim is to create environmental sustainability. Job seekers with skills in construction can contact this company.

3. Italconstruct International Limited

If you are looking for excellent house construction services, you might need to consider Italconstruct limited. This is a real estate company that has specialized in the construction of houses using the latest technologies. In addition to provide state of the art architecture, the company also guarantees affordability.

List of foreign oil companies in Ghana

Oil companies in Ghana are also great employment providers. The following is a list of foreign companies in the oil industry where you as a job seeker should have keen interest.

List of foreign companies in Ghana 2019
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1. International Energy Services Limited (IESL)

IESL Ghana is a top company that specializes in providing oil and gas services to customers. The services are provided to several sectors such as plant, refineries, engineering projects and structural upgrades. Most importantly, this company customizes it services to suit the customer’s preferences. Professionalism is also a value that the company upholds as a way of meeting the changing demands in the market place.

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2. MODEC Ghana Limited

MODEC is a foreign company in Ghana that specializes in the providing solutions for floating production storage and vessel offloading. It is very competitive and has created a great brand name for making oil and gas services efficient. It engineers, constructs and installs systems required in Floating storage. The oil and gas industry is experiencing a lot of growth. Challenges are bound to occur but this company helps in addressing them.

3. Oceaneering International Services Limited

Oceaneering International Services Limited delivers it services in the oil industry. Some of its operations include manufacturing equipment required in oil extraction. It also distributes and maintains the equipment. Oceaneering International Services Limited is an equal job provider. Job seekers with interest in this field should be on the lookout for vacancies in the future.

Manufacturing industries in Ghana

Manufacturing industries in Ghana have helped push the country's economy and also offer employment.

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List of foreign companies in Ghana 2019
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1. International Modern Industry –Amco Limited

This company operates in Lebanon and Ghana. It was established in Ghana in 1977. It deals with the manufacture of goods and services. Particularly, this company is concerned with manufacturing goods that can be used in the transportation and construction sector. It has helped create an Arabian-African working relationship. The best thing about such foreign countries is that they enhance important international relationships that go beyond business. Professionalism and manufacture of high quality products is a principle that is taken with high regards in the company.

2. Harlequin International Ghana

This company deals with the provision of engineering services in Ghana in several sectors such as mining, agriculture, ports and harbors, fabrication, hydraulic and oil and gas companies. It is one of the best companies when it comes to engineering. In mining, the company provides maintenance services and such services extend to several West African regions. For ports and harbors, Harlequin International Ghana provides material handling facilities. In agriculture, the company is actively involved in manufacturing as well as hydraulic repairs. The diversification of its services makes it a good job creator which job seekers should be eyeing. At a time when the world is experiencing fast growth, companies such as Harlequin International are required to ensure that all process run well.

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3.Unilever Ghana Limited

Unilever Ghana is among the best manufacturing companies in the country. It deals with the manufacture and distribution fast moving consumer goods. It provides a wide variety of goods which include foods such as health supplements, home care products such as soaps and laundry items and Personal care products such as oral care items. Unilever creates job opportunities for several people. If you are a job seeker, you should invest your time to regularly check the company’s website for job openings.

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Other top foreign companies Ghana

1. Price Water Cooper House Ghana (PWC)

PWC operates in 157 countries. It is one of the top companies that provide advisory services when it comes to tax and assurance. The issues associated with tax can be difficult to comprehend. This company has thrived in helping individuals and companies understand how to go about assurance and taxes. Additionally, this company is a great employer with several people seeking jobs. This explains why it is among the best foreign companies in Ghana.

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2.Deloitte Ghana

Deloitte is an international company that deals with the provision of services in auditing, consultation, advisory and tax. It is a global leader and one of the most recognized brands not only in Ghana but the world at large. People looking to invest should seek Deloitte’s services to avoid investment risks.

3. AGS Fraser Ghana

This is a foreign company that deals with removals both in and outside Ghana. It also offers excellent packing services of goods. The packaging provided for the client is customized to meet the standards of the goods being transported. This company acknowledges the stress that comes with the lack of space to store goods. As such it also has a warehouse for helping people store their belongings either for a short term or for a long term.

4. Airtel Ghana

Airtel is a multinational company with its headquarters in India. It operates in some parts of Asia and African countries such as Ghana. This company deals with the provision of telecommunication services. It provides several job opportunities for Ghanaians and this aspect has seen its growth in the country.

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5. Activa International Insurance

Activa International Insurance Ghana is an international company that offers insurance solutions to individuals and businesses. It's the 7th largest insurance company in Ghana Ghana’s National Insurance Commission has authorized operations of this company in the country. It is widely for provision of quality services that are customized to meet the client’s needs.

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The number of foreign companies in Ghana is very huge. With the continued advancements of infrastructure in the country, several multinational companies will continue settling in the country. What this means is increased economic growth. Unlike in the past, job seekers now are exposed to several platforms whereby they can exercise their skills. Should you be looking for a job, follow the companies listed above in their social media platforms and websites. The key to being hired is being in a position to express your interests and skills severally. For instance, if you applied in a company and were not considered for employment, do not give up. Apply whenever there are job openings. Also attend workshops and conferences organized by these firms. Such events enable you to have first-hand information on what the company requires.

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