List of cheap hotels in Accra Ghana

List of cheap hotels in Accra Ghana

Business people and travelers heading to Accra, would be nothing less than happy to learn about cheap hotels in Accra Ghana. Accra is the capital city of Ghana, thus playing a very crucial role in the business growth of the country. Like most capital cities in the world, Accra is a diplomatic, trading and transport center, of large magnitude in the country. This elevates its city status, placing it above all the other cities in Ghana.

cheap hotels in Accra Ghana

Cheap hotels in east legon Accra Ghana

East Legon is what you would call heaven on earth, in a layman’s language, not because of its magnificence (which is part of the package), but because of the kind of neighbors you will find in this upscale suburb. Located in Ghana’s capital, Accra, East Legon homes most of Ghana’s prominent and affluent men, who are composed of politician to diplomats. Nice houses, high-end hotels, top quality office complexes and even top of the game residential estates characterize this neighborhood. It is not unusual for you to bump into foreigners, including diplomatic envoy, in this part of Accra.

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Cheap hotels in Accra Ghana city center

With such a trait, one would think it is impossible to find cheap hotels in east Legon Accra Ghana. Surprisingly enough, that fear is nothing more than just fear. This is because there are quite a number of cheap hotels in East Legon Accra, that you can choose from and still have a good time. Cheap hotels in this part of Accra charge as little as 80 cedis which is an equivalent of $18USD; not much for a place with a high reputation.

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Cheap hotels in East Legon offer services such as bar and a restaurant, room service, free wifi, laundry and a secure parking area. With these services, all you will need to worry about is how best to spend your night. To make things even easier, below are some of the hotels in Accra Ghana; with focus being on East Legon Accra Ghana:

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  • Accra Luxury Lodge; It is a great hotel situated close to the A&C Shopping Mall, Accra (5-minute walk from the mall, to be precise).
  • Best One Hotel-Accra; hotel with good rates close to the Lizzies Sports Complex.
  • Pekan Hotels Ltd; simple hotel on Nii Torgbor Street.
  • Golden Crest Hotel, quiet hotel on Tanbu School, less than a 5-minute walk from the French School.

Cheap hotels in Accra Ghana close to the airport

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is a major tourist and business destination and hub, respectively, for most people. This sees a constant flow of people in and out of ghana, through Ghanas main international airport, the Kotoka International Airport( IATA Code:ACC). The airport is situated 10km from the city centre. It offers both local and international flights. Travelers seeking to access the airport road, can do so, using the Achimota and Liberation road.

While on a business trip, it is wise for you to book into a hotel near the airport. This ensures that you have an easy and convenient time while in Accra. Most of these hotels offer shuttle rides, which ferry you from the airport to the hotel. This allows you to check into the hotel immediately you arrive into the airport. Alternatively, you can choose to hire a car from Aiport hotels Accra who offer a wide range of cars for hire, that can ntake you to your preferred destination. booking hotels close to the airport provides comforta and convenience that is needed by most business men. For those who choose to book a hotekl while at the airport lounge, can do so, choosing the best hotel from a list of hotels near the Kokota International airport.

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Cheap hotels in Accra Ghana close to the airport

Knowing your options when finding the best hotels in Accra Ghana near the airport, is the first step in making the right decision. Luckily, below is a list of hotels that you can consider booking into, close to the airport and save some cash:

  • Hillview Hotel Ltd.
  • The Congress Hotel.
  • Mahogany lodge.
  • Ellking hotel.
  • Airside hotel.
  • Airport view hotel.
  • Mensvic Grand hotel.

Hotels in Accra Ghana city center

Accra Ghana city center homes some of the most magnificent hotels in the country, ranging from two stars to five star hotels. Tourists, businesspersons and diplomats visiting Accra have a lot of options to choose from. Apart from hotels, there are other forms of accommodation in Accra Ghana to rent, that can effectively meet your needs. Below are different categories of hotels in Accra Ghana city center:

2 star hotels in Accra Ghana

Travelling should not be a costly experience, both for business purposes and exploration. In Accra Ghana, cheap hotels offer comfort through their services. some of the basic services being offered in most two star hotels in ghana include, room services, free Wi-Fi, bar and in some instances laundry. Knowing some of the 2 star hotels in Accra city center, will allow you to make an informed decision on which to hotel to settle for. Below is a list of 2 star hotels in Accra ghana:

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  • The Congress hotel.
  • Holi flats.
  • Airport view hotel.
  • Ridge over suites.
  • Airside hotel.
  • Eagles.
  • Airport west.
  • Agoo hostel.
  • Gibs guest lodge.
  • ELelyon hotel.
  • Kwesi affum apartments.
  • Nirvana inn.
Cheap hotels in Accra Ghana and prices

Cheap hotels in Accra Ghana and prices

Accra Ghana is a place of many accommodation options, right from high end hotels to cheap hotels. It seeks to offer solution to every person within the financial pyramid. Finding a cheap hotel in Accra, that is secure and comfortable, is not hard. For starters, you can search through various travel sites and find good deals. Whether you are in Accra for business or exploration, you can cut on budget by booking cheap hotels. Below is a list of cheap hotels in Accra Ghana and their prices:

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  • Godville Guest house EUR 16.23
  • Pekan Hotel EUR 24.35
  • Tropical Enclave Hotel EUR 60.88
  • SSNIT Guest house EUR 28.41
  • Downtown Hotel EUR 24.35
  • El Elyon Hotel EUR 28.41
  • Accra Luxury Lodge EUR 14.25
  • Consir Executive Lodge EUR 34.50
  • Afia Beach Hotel EUR 48.70
  • Samartine Hotel EUR 12.80
  • Niagara Hotel EUR 28.41
  • Niagara Plus Hotel EUR 17.45
  • Niagara INN EUR 22.32
  • Prestige Suites EUR 32.47
  • Urbano Hotel EUR 48.70

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Cheap and good hotels in Accra Ghana

Accra being a city with a lot of tourist attraction destinations, beginning with beaches, museums to spectacular natural resources, it receives lots of tourists from across the world. The locals too, from other regions, tour Accra, in pursuit of satisfying their need to explore. With this comes an increased demand for accommodation in Accra Ghana. This challenge presents itself in various ways, including affordability. Some travelers would prefer to lodge into five star hotels, while some would want to find a cheap hotels to rest for the day and get back to their business the following day.

To accommodate the various classes of travelers in Accra, different classes of Hotels in Accra Ghana have been built, providing quality service at affordable prices. Nonetheless, the quality of service is not the same, but just as good as the money you pay. Of course, paying for a five star hotel will give you access to certain resources that you wouldn’t find in a two star hotel; but still enjoy the service in a two star hotel, just as much as you will, in a five star hotel.

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Cheap hotels in Accra Ghana city center

When finding a hotel, putting your needs before everything else is always a priority. You need to know the kind of room you would like to book into, the amenities in the hotel, parking space in the hotel, security among other important qualities. If you are two, finding a room for two will be most appropriate and cost effective. Some hotels will offer discounts for such a package, thus allow you to save on your spending. The discount packages vary from one hotel to another. finding one that covers your needs is always an added advantage.

Listed below are some of the cheap and good hotels in Ghana that you would want to book into:

  • Sweet water guest house.
  • Acacia guest lodge North Keneshie.
  • Crystal palm hotel.
  • Prestige suits.
  • Grace inn Hotel.
  • Big apple D.E hotel.
  • Samartine hotel.
  • Angel heights hotel.
  • Campbell hotel Accra.
  • Kaysens Grande Hotel.
  • Palma Hotel.
  • Rayporsh hotel.
  • Holiday Inn Accra Airport.
  • Alisa Hotel.
  • Accra City hotel.
  • Best Western Plus accra Beach Hotel.
  • Ramada Resort Accra.
  • Korkdam Hotel.
  • Pink Hostel .
  • Omanye lodge.
  • Luxe Suites Hotel.
  • Charlestone Hotel Ltd.
  • Roots Apartment Hotel.
  • Hotel Mountain Guest Ltd.
  • Negolodge.
  • Urbano Hotel.

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Accommodation in Accra Ghana to rent

Traveling is one of those experiences one yearns for with lots of imagination and zeal. Most people believe this is a compensation for the energy that would be spent on logistics. Ghana is one country with many interesting reasons to visit. To exploit the country, you first need to make yourself comfortable in Ghana. This can be done by renting the best accommodation in Accra Ghana to rent.

Property owners and agents in Accra, in conjunction with different traveling agencies, provide you with high quality accommodations, which will suite your needs quite well. You can also choose to buy a getaway home in Accra Ghana for your travel needs. All these options will still give you the satisfaction you need while traveling to Accra Ghana.

You can choose in Accra Ghana from many accommodations. These include mansions, bungalows and apartments, all fitted with modern finishes. You would also prefer to find accommodation to rent based on the number of rooms and ground cover. All these are available in Accra Ghana. Below is a list of accommodation that you can find in Accra Ghana.

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accomodation in Accra Ghana to rent
  • Clifton place – this luxurious apartment offers safety and space for anyone who wishes to enjoy simple but high quality life while in Accra Ghana. Located in East Legion, this semi furnished apartment offers enough living space to anyone willing to part with USD 1400 a month; which is negotiable. The property owner offers a leasehold option for various periods; 24, 12, and 6 months. The three-bedroom apartment is located at the ground floor of the Clifton palace. It has 3bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and no garage, all of which seat on a 130 square meter ground. Amenities include, a cooker, swimming pool, air conditioning and a tight security service. To rent this apartment, login to, and follow the simple and straightforward procedure.
  • Spintex apartments – located behind stanchart bank, is a three large bedroom service apartment. This affordable house for rent has been fitted with a kitchen cabinet, air-conditioning, 1 guest wash room and backup generators which kick-in in case of power shortage. It comes with a balcony. In addition to this, the house has a spacious living and dining room, tiled floor, complete fenced compound that is paved, a gate, all day and night security services and proper landscaping.

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At only USD 600 per month, you can be able to rent this 3 bedroom, 3bathroom apartment with no garage. The address to this apartment is Spintex road, while its reference number is 021132. To rent this apartment, visit, follow the laid down procedure, and enjoy a nice living in Accra.

  • Bamboo Mansion – located in Adgiringanor East Legon, a 20-minute drive from Kokota international airport, this affordable and warm bamboo mansion provides the right living to everybody. Fitted with a free Wi-Fi, kitchen, free parking on premise, heating, pool, a washer among others, this $20 a night accommodation is just the right deal for anyone. To add on this, it has a variety of sleeping arrangement, which caters for all classes of individuals and groups alike. The sleeping arrangements vary from bedroom one with two single beds, to bedroom seven that has 1 double bed. You can check in at any time of day or night. Checking out is by noon local time (Ghana). the only downside of it is that it is not suitable for pets. Visit for booking.

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