Cal bank internet banking in Ghana: How to sign up and check your balance

Cal bank internet banking in Ghana: How to sign up and check your balance

Cal bank internet services is one of the trendy features that has made this bank convenient and simple for its customers. It can now be easily accessed from any region in the country regardless of time limitations. Other than making it easier to transfer money and clear your loan deficits online, it also lets you check your balance and manage your account’s finances, all at the comfort of your home.

Cal bank internet banking in Ghana
Source:Footprint to Africa

Cal bank is one of the popular financial institutions in the country with an outstanding reputation behind its name. Its consistency and financial stability in this industry have proven to all the Ghanaians that it can be relied upon making Actually, it's one of the few banks in the country that has ever stated a capital of GHS100m, equivalent to about sixty million US dollars for its operations.

As luck would have it, Ghanaian economy is also stable and diverse in nature. Hence Cal Bank provides a broad range of financial solutions not only to retail customers but also to large corporations and public sector establishments as well. It also works hand in hand with various small and middle-sized enterprises to ensure they get the best support they deserve.

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How to sign up and check your balance

Cal bank internet banking sign up process is easy and quick. However, you need to have an active account with the bank for the system to function. Fortunately, this process is often not as hectic as people tend to imagine. You can simply fill the registration form online and get done with it quickly with a snap of a finger.

Cal bank internet banking in Ghana
Source:Ghana Campus Blog

The initial stages of the account opening process are by filling a basic form where you are required to fill in your identity and contact details. These include;

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number.

There are also two allocated spaces for account type and the bank's branch.

Cal bank internet banking in Ghana
Source:Ghana Campus Blog

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After this, you need to download a comprehensive Application Form and Agreement. It should be filled properly and accompanied by an acknowledgment signature. The print out should be taken to the banks' physical offices.

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With an active account, now makes it easier to sign up and get internet services. An online account simply requires your valid email address and other authorization information such as your bank account number and name of the bank’s branch, for it to be effective.

Nonetheless, with Cal bank internet banking login you have to come up with a username and strongly unique password. The password will basically act as your Personal Identification Number. Therefore, it needs to be secretive and far from unscrupulous people.

All in all, in case you have forgotten your password, which is a common habit, there is an option to reset. The reset process would mean answering some verification details before getting an approval.

The online account is also simple to understand and navigate around. All the options are easily and plainly stated. And so in case you want to check your account balance or make a monetary transaction, you simply go to the options tab and click on the ‘account balance'. This saves both time and energy in going to the brick and mortar offices for such a confirmation.

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Benefits of Cal bank Ghana internet banking

Cal bank internet banking in Ghana
Source: UGC

The benefits of this form of banking are enormous and highly appreciated by many customers, especially those that reside far from the nearest branch. Since a majority of people have smartphones, accessing online accounts has never been a challenge. Some of the benefits of this form of banking include the following;


This probably the most obvious advantage of Cal Bank online services. You can simply make transaction anywhere and anytime within the range of internet connectivity. This means that the days of standing in long queues just to pay your bills are dead and gone. Moreover, you can as well transfer funds between accounts with the records well-kept without the need to carry receipts around.


Unlike physical banks which have a systematic schedule of opening and closing hours, internet banking has no time restriction. Its available throughout the day and night even during holidays and weekends. The only requirement is a laptop or smartphone, that is internet enabled, and you will be good to go.

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Speed is also what makes this internet banking a darling to many. It works swiftly and lets you manage more than one account so appropriately. You can transfer funds from one account to another within seconds. A similar process usually takes hours in the traditional method.

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Cal bank internet banking in Ghana


Security is usually of much significance when it comes to any financial transaction. That is why this internet banking system has virus-detection programs and firewalls to keep hackers at bay. A special encryption which looks like data in transit from the Web browser to the web server of Cal Banks is the used for discretion and safety purposes. Cases of hacking are rare, but if at all any hacker manages to steal any customers' money, then the bank is obligated to pay.

In addition to that, this internet banking also makes it easy to monitor the transactions and account balances. Through this, you can easily spot any malicious and fraudulent activity earlier enough before it gets catastrophic

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Bottom line

Cal Bank has always been working competently to deliver best services to its customers. Reasonable interest rates, Auto loan for motor vehicles and even mobile banking are just a number of the benefits of banking with this truly Ghanaian bank. The internet banking services are just one of the many benefits it offers to its valued customers. The customer care is also readily available to listen to the grievances and concerns brought forward.

But then again, responsibility is given to the customers to ensure their passwords are always protected and safe from unauthorized people. In most cases, it's always advisable to keep it long but memorable to avoid easy cracking, especially if you have roommates. Check your credit report in often and always clear your cookies after you are done using an account on a public computer. All these are simply precautionary measures to ensure a smooth ride in your online financial operations.

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